Globe Tattoo: goodbye unlimited, hello HOOQ & Spotify

Globe Tattoo home broadband DSL
Globe Tattoo home broadband DSL

MANILA, Philippines – Globe recently unveiled its new consumption-based broadband plans. Gone are the days of unlimited Internet, replaced by monthly data allowances starting at 700MB for P299 and all the way to 15GB for 2499/month. The new plans come bundled with HOOQ, Spotify, and NBA League Passes.

Table illustrating Globe Tattoo's new plans with data caps
Table illustrating Globe Tattoo’s new plans with data caps

Full press release follows.

Tattoo offers exclusive content for its new home broadband plans

Globe Telecom, through its home broadband brand Tattoo, has unveiled its latest roster of broadband plans for new customers with a strong bid to attract more customers and further grow its customer base.

With the new broadband plans, customers get exclusive access to a portfolio of entertainment content which allows them to watch movies and basketball games, as well as stream music at the comfort of their homes.

As an online entertainment service provider, HOOQ boasts of an extensive content library with thousands of movies, television episodes and shows available for users to watch, including titles from partners Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment. With Spotify, the world’s most popular music streaming service, customers get the best music experience with access to over 20 million songs. On the other hand, the NBA League Pass allows customers to watch basketball games along with highlights, stats and other features.

“We recognize today’s shift to the digital lifestyle and we want our customers to be part of this revolution by offering them a suite of plans that give them access to entertainment content such as HOOQ, Spotify, and the NBA League Pass. With our new home broadband plans, we are transforming the home into an ultimate entertainment hub as family members get the best home internet and entertainment experience in one package,” Globe Senior Vice President for Consumer Broadband Business Gilbert Simpao said.

For as low as Plan 1099, Tattoo customers get an exclusive access to Spotify while exclusive access to HOOQ begins with Plan 1299. Combined access to HOOQ and Spotify or NBA starts with Plan 1599 while access to HOOQ, Spotify and NBA begins with Plan 1999 and above. All Tattoo home broadband plans come with minimum speeds of at least 1 Mbps up to 15 Mbps, bundled with free landline, free unlimited calls to Globe and TM, and free Wi-Fi modem.

Each plan also comes with a data allowance representing varying types of usage for a home broadband customer. The data allocation ranges between 10GB and 15GB for light to moderate users, 20GB to 30 GB for more frequent users and 50 GB to 70 GB for heavy users.

We believe the data allocation of the Tattoo home broadband plans accurately reflects the typical usage profile of our customers. These plans were formulated precisely to meet the broadband internet requirement of our customers whether they are light, moderate or heavy users

“We believe the data allocation of the Tattoo home broadband plans accurately reflects the typical usage profile of our customers. These plans were formulated precisely to meet the broadband internet requirement of our customers whether they are light, moderate or heavy users,” Simpao stressed. As an example, a monthly data allocation of 15GB under Plan 1299, recommended for light users, allows customers to watch up to 20 movies on HOOQ and stream up to 2000 songs on Spotify, he said.

Still, customers who exceed their data allowance may avail of Tattoo home volume boost at P50/1GB, P200/5GB and P300/10GB, ensuring they have data connectivity at consistent speeds. To help customers determine their actual data usage, Tattoo Home is implementing a three-month program for wired customers where they will be given an additional 50GB on top of their base plan data allowance. The additional data allocation will allow customers to right-size their broadband data plan according to their actual data consumption. Customers under the program will receive text or email notifications once they breach 50%, 80% and 100% of their base data allowance.

Existing customers will continue to enjoy their current subscriptions with no changes. They may also opt to upgrade to the new Tattoo Home Broadband Plans to get exclusive access to Tattoo’s exclusive suite of entertainment content comprising of HOOQ, Spotify and NBA.

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  1. Do not upgrade your globe plan or else it will steal your band wide or worth 10mbps/day or 300mbps/month. Globe is not Improving their system, still always disconnection and slowing down they only reduce their FUP to gain more band wide or data usage and gain more customer by stealing the band wind from old plan holder. My current plan is 7mbps I upgrade from 5mps but after almost 1week I got 2mbps or less due to Globe fair usage policies (FUP) they reduce the FUP from 10mbps/day or approximately 300mbps to 70mbps when I upgrade from 5mbps to 7mbps. However, Globe representative do not informed me if I upgrade my plan from 5mbps to 7 mbps my FUP will be down grade from 300mbps to 70mbps they only told me about the useless add on. Globe is technically violating National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) ISP should provide 80% plan speed, below that is illegal and the law did not include fair usage policies therefore it is illegal. I have a plan 7mbps because with FUP I only have 2mbps or less after 1 week it is clear that 28% of my plan. Now Globe is selling 1gb data [email protected]; 5gb data [email protected] and 10gb data [email protected] if u reach your FUP. The consuming public should not subscribe on Globe and the government should penalized Globe from robbing the public. The Globe stockholder should withdraw your investment because, Globe can cheat you also by inside trading falsified financial Statement