iPhone 6+ price in the Philippines reaches a shocking 100K

iPhone 6 price Philippines
iPhone 6 price Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – It has been a week since the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus was launched globally. For those living in the Philippines, the iPhone 6 won’t become available until much later. However, you can avail of it now – if you are willing to pay the price.

Online sellers and individuals have capitalized on the shortage of the much-awaited successor to the iPhone 5 and 5S.

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In the Philippines, iPhone 6 prices have reached as high as 62,500 PHP for the 128GB variant. The iPhone 6 Plus 128GB has been posted for as much as 108,500 PHP on Widget City.

iPhone 6+ price Philippines Widget City
iPhone 6+ price Philippines Widget City

The cheapest iPhone 6 being sold in the Philippines so far can be found on online buy and sell sites OLX and tipidcp for 39,000 PHP (16GB version). Among the reputable online stores in the Philippines, Kimstore offers the lowest price for the iPhone 6 so far at 49,999 PHP. The cheapest iPhone 6 Plus can be found on Lazada at 84,420 PHP for the 16GB grey version.

iPhone 6 Philippines price table

The table below shows the indicative prices of the iPhone 6 in the Philippines posted by reputable online merchants. Lowest prices are highlighted in green while the highest prices are highlighted in red. Prices are in Philippine pesos.

Merchant iPhone 6 16GB iPhone 6 64GB iPhone 6 128GB iPhone 6 Plus 16GB iPhone 6 Plus 64GB iPhone 6 Plus 128GB
Kimstore 49,999 54,999 56,999 89,999 96,999 98,999
Lazada 64,320 69,080 73,030 84,420 94,450 97,810
Widget City 52,500 57,500 62,500 92,500 102,500 108,500

Generally speaking, Kimstore offers the cheapest price for iPhone 6 in the Philippines while Lazada has the lowest prices for the iPhone 6 Plus.

By comparison, the iPhone 6 16Gb is being sold in the U.S. for $199 (8860 PHP) while the iPhone 6 Plus 128GB is being sold for $499 (22,216 PHP) with a 2-year contract.

iPhone 6: 16GB ($199), 64GB ($299), and 128GB ($399)

iPhone 6 Plus: 16GB ($299), 64GB ($399), and 128GB ($499)

For the local mobile carriers, neither Globe Telecom nor Smart Communications have released any information on the availability or price of the iPhone 6 in the Philippines.