Is the first Satanic Church a threat to Christianity?

The photos of the first Satanic Church in Colombia became trending online.

When you observed the photos, their god is very much Satan and Demon including the design of the building. At the front of the so-called altar, it has a reversed cross facing upside down.

The church is called Iglesia Luciferina and it is the first of its kind in the world. The photos garnered thousands of negative feedbacks from netizens all around the world.

satanic church

In a country where the majority confess to be either Catholic or Christian, the idea of a temple dedicated to the devil is blasphemous at best.

Yet despite much criticism, a self-proclaimed sorcerer has made it real in Montenegro, a town in the Colombian department of Quindío.

Víctor Damián Rozo, real name Héctor Londoño Villegas, told the country’s Semana magazine that his temple cost $200,000, money that he says he obtained from multiple sponsors abroad.

The ‘Luciferian Seeds of Light Temple’, does have legal status under Colombian law, and authorities have been able to look into activities being undertaken in the temple.

However, Carlos Eduardo Osorio, governor of Quindío, and the archbishop of  nearby Armenia, Pablo Emiro Salas, emphasized that the cult should recognize that satanism is prohibited under the national Constitution.


Rozo responded to the argument, stating that his object of worship is Lucifer, the angel expelled from heaven, not Satan. However local publication the Crónica del Quindío have outed Rozo as a lier, stating that his use of multiple satanic symbols, like the Sigil of Baphomet and the inverted cross, refer to both religious figures.

That newspaper further stated that he contradicts himself, as Rozo has been witnessed making sacrifices, such as those seen during his first appearance on local channel Televisa.



What can you say about the first satanic church? Will it change the world’s belief to God?

Credits to: Colombia Times


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