Jollibee Studios Received YouTube Silver Play Button Award From Google

Jollibee launches newest entertainment channel. Ploneering entertainment platform, Jollibee Studios, raises the bar in digital marketing

Jollibee, the country’s number one fast-food brand, is expanding not only around the world, but also online with the launch of Jollibee Studios.

Jollibee Studios is the the first channel of its kind in Philippine branded entertainment, and aims to delivel quality content that is bound to make viewers cry, laugh, fall in love, and more.

“This all-new entertainment channel stems from the wonderful reception towards our latest digital content that we’ve received not only from our fans online but from global industry leaders,” said Arline Adeva. Jollibee AVP for Brand PR, Communications and Digital. “Even in the past, Jollibee has been known to be quite the storyteller, producing many of the country’s most memorable ads. And today, we raise the bar in storytelling and branded entertainment through Jollibee Studios.”

Jollibee Studios was officially launched last November 21, Wednesday in an exclusive event held at Metrotent Convention Center in Pasig City. The director and actors from the series unveiled graced the event, along with Jollibee executives, influencers, and media guests.

Jollibee has been dubbed a game-changer, and the country’s #1 QSR brand in digital engagement. This is thanks to the slew of heartwarming content that have touched the hearts of viewers in the country and around the world and sparked conversations between the brand and its audience.

A creative digital powerhouse Jollibee Studios brings together a team of creatives, directors, performers. and production professionals to conceptualize and produce compelling stories of Filipinos and with the brand.

Jollibee Studios houses the brand’s digital hits, including the well-loved Kwentong Jollibee videos, two seasons of the quirky, star-studded JolliSavers series 14/29: Petsa de Peligro JolliSery, and the exciting JolliDance Showdowns starring the brand’s most lovable mascot. All of these digital-led projects racked up impressive figures of views, reactions, shares, and comments on Jollibee’s officiai Facebook page and YouTube channel.

The latest series to burst forth from the Jollibee Studios stable is Chickenjoy Perfect Pair’s One True Pair, a romance-serye with episodes under the direction of acclaimed hitmakers JP Habac and Antoinette Jadaone.‘ Two episodes-both revolving around love and perfect paire-will be serving the most relatabie kilig starting November 22, 2018 which is today

“By bringing together the creative and entertainment industry’s top talents, viewers can be sure that the content from Jollibee Studios is not only high quality,  but also features stories told in new innovative  ways,  added Adeva

Award-winning channel

To date, the Jollibee Studios YouTube channel boasts of over 243,000 subecribers-making it most subscribed and most Viewed top restaurant brand-owned channel in the Philippines

“We earned those figures by ensuring that our content feels authentic and touch on relatable experience and situations that illustrate how Jollibee has touched the lives of generations of Filipino diner: ” Adeva said. .

To recognize this milestone. Google was present during the launch to award Jollibee Studios the YouTube Silver Play Button Award. This is a recognition only given to content creayors who have reached the 100,000-subscriber mark.

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