LGBT community thanks Pope Francis for recognizing same-sex relationships

LGBT thank you pope
LGBT thank you pope

MANILA, Philippines – The LGBT community from all over the world joyfully celebrates the unexpected release of a statement coming from the Vatican recognizing the unique “gifts and qualities” of its members.

Moovz, the global social network for the LGBT community, took a stand and released a statement of support for the immense proclamation of the Catholic Church. Thousands of Christian users from different parts of the world like USA, Mexico, Spain and even as far as India and the Philippines from Asia shared their photos, videos and statements to humbly give back their sincere gratitude to the Pope.

This statement from the Vatican came out only a day after the National Coming Out Day celebration in the US, in which Moovz recently released a story of a religious Mormon teen coming out of the closet as a part of a global campaign of coming out stories, meant to support the entire LGBT community.

It’s another breakthrough for every gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender in the world as it was further stated in the announcement that the Roman Catholic Church is encouraging the Christian community to recognize same-sex relationships.