Light Rail Manila Corporation celebrates Women’s Month with a “Women’s Bazaar” that will showcase female startup owners

MANILA, Philippines – In a highly regulated industry, which has been dominated by males through the years, one organization strives to shift the paradigm. LRT-1 private operator Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) continues to champion women empowerment in the railway industry.

Anchored on this year’s theme of Women’s Month “We Make Change Work for Women,” LRMC recognizes the role of women as active contributors to and claimholders of development. LRMC has put on the helm a number of women who have actively contributed to the company’s growth through their skills, strengths, and passion.

Comprising 50% of its Senior Management Team, LRMC’s roster of female executives is a confident nod to the future of organizational leadership. Also taking the spotlight are the strong and reliable LRT-1 station supervisors with 56% female population across the LRT-1 system, and the 11 hardworking female train operators who are proving that a strong, resilient, and reliable woman can drive growth in the industry.

A final area of focus in this year’s Women’s Month celebration is a “Women’s Bazaar” in partnership with Gabriela happening on March 30 and 31, 2022 at the LRT-1 Central Station from 9am to 4pm. The bazaar will showcase creations and products of nine (9) female startup owners who experienced different obstacles in life – from discrimination and violence to lack of support and resources.

“We firmly believe that being inclusive can spark creativity and innovation, as well as drive more sustainable outcomes. This is the reason why we are supporting women from different sectors to provide a promising pathway to livelihood, decent work, and economic empowerment. We invite our LRT-1 passengers to visit the LRT-1 Central Station and support this initiative for a good cause,” said LRMC Corporate Communications and Customer Relations Head Jacqueline S. Gorospe.

From fashion accessories, hygiene kits, handmade products, and basic parts of bedding to cooked food and herbal medicines, one is sure to find unique and one-of-a-kind useful items at the LRT-1 Women’s Bazaar. Stretch your peso even further with items that give back to a good cause with every purchase.

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