Metro.Style inspires Filipinos to take simple but meaningful steps towards sustainable living

MANILA, Philippines – Metro pushes on with its sustainability advocacy through a series of helpful articles that emboldens and educates people on mindful practices when it comes to clothing, beauty products, homebuilding, and more for the benefit of our planet.

The write-ups are collated on the Metro.Style website, which allows easy access and navigation for readers who want to explore the ways—big or small—on how to live sustainably.

If you are someone who loves fashion but is now looking to make a shift to stacking your closet with pieces that were not only environment-friendly produced but are also sophisticated and chic in style, Metro.Style has curated 10 Filipino and sustainably-made dresses you’ll surely want to check out.

The lifestyle media brand has also rounded up useful tips on how to declutter your beauty shelf in a way that helps you easily categorize whether you should throw, keep, or donate beauty products that are no longer of use to you.

Those who are looking to transform their homes or living spaces into a planet-friendly haven can check out another feature, which lists down the means on how we can lessen our carbon footprint starting in our homes by reducing the usage of single-use plastics, choosing biodegradable products, exploring composting, and more.

Meanwhile, Metro Channel recently aired its sustainable series, which featured special episodes of “Beached,” “Casa Daza,” “Metro Home” and the new show “Sustainable Living,” as well as the documentary “Inspiring People: Regenerating the Earth” that delved into various inspiring lifestyle choices that aim to support a cleaner and greener future. Full episodes are now up on Metro Channel’s Facebook page.

Start your journey towards sustainable living by checking out Metro.Style! For more details, follow @metrodotstyle on Instagram and Twitter, and /metrodotstyle on Facebook.