Miss USA, Miss Bulgaria praised by netizens for cheering Pia Wurtzbach

Miss USA Olivia Jordan and Miss Bulgaria Radostina “Joy” Todorova were praised by netizens after showing solid support to Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach when she was about to reclaim her Miss Universe 2015 crown right after Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez as the winner.

Todorova first caught the attention of Filipino fans when she started cheering Wurtzbach to step forward and claim her crown moments after host Steve Harvey admitted that he erroneously declared Miss Colombia as the Miss Universe winner.

Supporters of Wurtzbach appreciated the gesture, especially after Miss Germany reportedly talked ill of the Philippine candidate.

In her Facebook post, Miss Bulgaria can’t believe that her simple gesture will earn love and respect from the netizens. “We are all around the World!!! I can’t believe what’s happening……. :X Thank you, Philippines!”

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In another Facebook post she thanked Filipinos for making her country, Bulgaria proud of her.

“Thank you, guys!!! You are making my country proud of me….. thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Congratulations to Philippines!!! smile emoticonI am happy to know such a good person as Pia!”

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Meanwhile, Miss USA Olivia Jordan posted in Facebook a meaningful post congratulating Pia. Miss USA previously won the hearts of many being a good sport and supporting Miss Philippines in and out of the camera. She was hailed the “Bestie of the Year” of many netizens.

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“Sometimes, it’s just not for us. The job, the interview, the man, or, in this case, the crown…sometimes, it’s just for someone else. Not because they are better, more qualified, prettier, nicer, superior to us, but because it is their opportunity, not ours. And that’s okay, because our opportunities – our job, our interview, the man of our dreams – are not for them either. They’re ours. And they’re often right on the other side of rejection.”There can only be one woman that represents the Universe, although there were many that would have been phenomenal in the role (what an incredible group of women. I have no doubt @piawurtzbach will represent us all with class and grace and be absolutely incredible this year and beyond. So for all 79 contestants that I’m sure other big things are in store for, I look forward to seeing what our futures will hold. #dreambig#missuniverse #2ndrunnerup,” she said.
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In another Facebook post, she said “I was blessed to stand in the top 3 on this stage with TWO deserving winners.  It was the most bizarre and confusing of circumstances for the final two. I think everyone in the room was at a loss for how to react as the situation played out in real time. Both women were worthy of the crown. I’m honored that I got to stand beside them and devastated for each of them- @piawurtzbach that her moment was tainted by controversy and most of all for @gutierrezary having her dream ripped away from her in an instant. I know both women have an incredible year ahead of them where they will embrace every opportunity that comes out of this. And I want to send some love to @iamsteveharveytv in a sea of hate. He made an honest mistake that he has owned up to and apologized for. We are all perfectly imperfect as humans and mistakes happen. Let’s please spread love and positivity!! #‎grateful‬ ‪#‎missuniverse‬ ‪#‎misscolombia‬‪#‎missphilippines‬ ‪#‎top3‬
Here are some of the positive responses they earned from the netizens.
For Miss USA:
“By saying this, you get yourself more deserving on the 1st runner up than Columbia herself. But then again, you said it’s not your opportunity yet, it’s theirs. By that attitude and unremarkable sportsmanship, you just simply mirrored a true model. With great attitude and great personality comes great blessings and will definitely come a long way. Thank you for being there to support our Pia You don’t know how blessed your country is having you Miss USA Such a beautiful soul.”
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“For me, this is the Final Two.. Thank you Miss USA for the support when Miss Philippines didn’t know what to do.. With that beauty, brain and heart.. you will go far.. Looking forward to your success!
Love from the Philippines!”
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“You know what? You deserve 1st runner up or the crown perhaps. You were so fab and classy. It could have been a different twist of events if what happened to Colombia happened to you instead, I can imagine you giving back the crown and sash without any hesitation, anyway way to go miss USA 2015. U are the best! so much heart emoticon from the Philippines, you’re the true essence of a Miss Universe: Intelligent, Sport, and Confidently Beautiful!”
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“Miss USA ,you are very sweet and the moment I saw your reaction when the host announced the Philippines as the new Miss Universe , I knew you were sincere and have a good heart! You too exude beauty and elegance and most of all, have a million dollar smile! Thank you for standing by Pia in the midst of confusion. You are a winner yourself! God Bless you! (P.S. I really thought it’s gonna be between you and Pia for the crown- I’m being cheeky now, lol!)”
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“You may not have won the crown this time but you have won our hearts, millions and millions of  hearts. This is an opportunity for you to shine and show the others what a Miss Universe attitude and behavior should be. God bless and more power to you Miss USA Olivia Jordan!”
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For Miss Bulgaria:
“I have a lot of friends like Ms. Bulgaria. and i’m so proud to have them. and mostly i’m so proud of you Ms. Bulgaria i’m a Filipino and i’m proud to say that you really won our heart. You’re welcome to our country.”
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“Ms Bulgaria is so sweet that’s why. Bulgarian people be proud for her. She did great. We Filipinos love her too
smile emoticon this post/meme, really came from the philippines to show Appreciation and love for Ms Radova. Its
our simple way of saying “thank you.”
Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 7.36.49 PM
“So great …. all this love to miss Bulgaria ! I’m bulgarian and so proud of her! Happy holidays.”
Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 7.37.20 PM
“We Love You Miss Bulgaria From AlDub Nation Philippines.”
Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 7.38.03 PM
“thanks miss Bulgaria,,, you are miss universe in my heart.”    
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These two ladies deserved our love and respect. Hats-off to Miss USA and Miss Bulgaria. Congratulations to Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach!

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