Modoo Marble: play Monopoly online while traveling the world

Modoo Marble Philippines
Modoo Marble Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – Gameclub Philippines has a new and upcoming game called Modoo Marble. Currently it is still in development and closed beta testing is set for December.

Modoo Marble is a free-to-play online casual board game similar to the classic board game Monopoly – but with a twist.

In the game, players run around a board and take turns in purchasing properties just like in Monopoly.

Players also get to visit the most popular cirites and historic landmarks around the globe such as New York, Paris, Santorini, Osaka, Cairo and Istanbul.

Modoo Marble game board showing various cities and historic places around the world
Modoo Marble game board showing various cities and historic places around the world

As of writing, we are still checking with Gameclub if any places from the Philippines will be featured in the game, though based on the screenshot it does not look like it.

How to win a game in Modoo Marble

Just like Monopoly, the goal of Modoo Marble is to be the richest player in the game.

This can be accomplished in 2 ways:

  1. Having the most money and assets at the end of the time limit, or
  2. Bankrupting your opponents

In addition, there are also other special winning conditions that allows you to win, such as:

  • Line Victory: A player owns all the cities and tourist spots on one side of the board
  • Tourism Victory: A player owns all 6 tourist spots (4 Islands, 2 Beaches)
  • Triple Victory: A player owns 3 monopolies of different colors

Special board spaces

There are also special spaces scattered throughout the board. Each space has a unique function.


Each player starts on this space in the beginning of the game. Landing on this spot allows you to build an extra building on any owned property. Passing this space on the board allows you to collect money from your personal account balance to help you continue playing the game

Las Vegas

This space allows you to play a mini game to increase your in game money. To play, place a bet and predict if the next coin flip will be heads or tails. You have 2 options:

  1. Take the winnings and stop the mini game
  2. Continue the mini game by wagering more money. You can win up to 3 rounds.

Deserted Island

Landing on this space or receiving a fortune card directing you here will end your turn and trap you for the next 3 turns.

  • Roll doubles in order to escape immediately
  • Pay a small fee in order to escape immediately
  • Use a fortune card (if owned) to escape immediately

Marble World Cup

Landing on this space allows you to place a “Marble World Cup” multiplier effect on any property you own. You pay a small fee for this effect. This effect can be stacked upon other multiplier effect

Travel the World

This space allows you to travel to any spot on the board. If you pass “Start”, you can withdraw funds


This space requires you to pay a fee for landing on it based on your total assets.

Fortune Cards

These cards allow you to perform special actions, depending on their description.

Modoo Marble teaser trailer