Mythical Creature ‘BAKUNAWA’ arises in a new musical [event]

With the uncertainty of theaters opening soon, Marikina’s premier community theatre, Teatro ni Juan continues to brave the new reality of performance making as selections from their new musical about the Bakunawa goes online.

BKNW Rising is a 3-part online anthology that preludes the musical, currently in development, through early drafts and demos. Teatro ni Juan adapts the Filipino myth into present-day, exploring the possibilities of retelling the tragic tale of the Bakunawa – the infamous creature that causes eclipses whenever it tries to devour the moon. Music & Lyrics by Mika Caranza and Carlo Gianan, book & direction by Mikko Angeles.

Launched on the event of the Super Black Moon (Aug 19), BKNW Rising’s first episode premieres on September 6; the second and third episode on the night of the Blue Moon (Oct 31) and on the upcoming Lunar Eclipse (Nov 30) respectively. All episodes are available on

The lore of the Bakunawa is truly fitting for the times as it challenges society’s fanaticism to uncover the dark reality we continue to live in; shedding light on establishing identities and drawing the thin line between a hero and a villain, of myth and reality.

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