New Bold U 2023 Masterclass Empowers Over 200 CEOs and Entrepreneurs, Sparking New Ideas and Possibilities Amid Rise of AI, Web3, and Emerging Technologies

New Bold University (NBU), the locally inspired version of Silicon Valley-based Singularity University, successfully concluded its highly anticipated 2023 Masterclass, themed “New Bold U 2023: The Country’s Biggest Gathering of the Passionate.” The four-day event, held from March 1 to March 4, 2023, at the University of the Philippines Diliman, brought together more than 200 empowered dreamers from across the country, as well as some participants from abroad. The Masterclass was dedicated to exploring a new world of possibilities and igniting groundbreaking ideas that have the potential to disrupt industries and drive innovation.

New Bold U attracted an impressive lineup of over 200 attendees, including founders, leaders, CEOs, and professionals from various industries across the country.  The diverse group of participants, ranging in age from 16 to 64, showcased their commitment to embracing new possibilities. Throughout the event, students from different regions of the country passionately shared their aspirations, inspiration and motivation, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and unity.

Ralph Layco, the head of New Bold U and a serial entrepreneur who received the 2022 Gen T List Award, expressed the importance of reinvention in these rapidly evolving and disruptive times. He emphasized that it is no longer solely one’s college degree that defines them, but rather their updated skills and mindset that enable them to navigate the future successfully.

“New Bold U has the crucial role of creating a space for change-makers to reflect on the transformative shifts affecting our lives. As we move forward, AI and emerging technologies will continue to reshape industries, even in traditionally non-tech sectors such as marketing, customer service, and sales,” said Layco.

The Masterclass featured more than 20 influential speakers and mentors who shared valuable insights on staying market-ready and relevant in the face of disruptive technologies. Topics ranged from entrepreneurship, scaling, and marketing to finance, law, mental health, and the utilization of platforms such as Facebook and TikTok for advertising purposes. Some of the notable speakers included Steve Sy, the Father of Filipino E-Commerce and founder of Great Deals; ER Rollan, CEO of Growsari, awarded the best B2B e-commerce brand across Southeast Asia; Nina Cabrera, CEO of Niv Della Beauty Innovations, operating renowned beauty brands Colourette Cosmetics and Fresh Formula; Randell Tiongson, an esteemed author, columnist, and personal finance speaker; Cherry Pua Africa, an expert in NFTs, author, and founder of The World Stage International Network; Constantin Robertz, founder and CEO of the cloud logistics platform Locad; Kia Abrera, a creative entrepreneur and founder of Likha Summit; Alec Cuenca, host of the top-rated Spotify podcast “Small Talk”; Lowel Magdadaro, founder and chairman of Shantahl Direct Sales, Inc.; and Kaye Layco, co-Founder and CEO of Noah Solutions.

New Bold U’s mission for this year was to inspire more than 500 founders, entrepreneurs, and passionate individuals to embrace a life of abundance and impact. Layco expressed his desire for participants to engage in meaningful discourse, expand their perspectives, and return to their communities and organizations armed with fresh ideas.

Established in 2019, New Bold U has consistently produced outstanding thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals who have risen to become CEOs and created impactful solutions in their industries.

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