pH Care OdorProTech: New, improved feminine wash now available

PHILIPPINES – The past year was hard on everyone, especially for women. Everyone’s plans were cancelled left and right, stuck at home, with nowhere to go, we had limited opportunities to get dressed and feel our best. While mask wearing and hand-hygiene is at the top of everyone’s mind, have you maybe started to neglect other aspects of self-care? When it comes to feminine care, are you actually getting the best care you deserve?

It’s time to stop settling for what you’ve been used to and choose feminine products that are enhanced to give you the care you truly deserve.

This year, pH Care is launching a brand new look and revamped variants of feminine wash and wipes to help you feel secure and give yourself the attention to help you feel your best. It’s the same pH Care you know and trust, but enhanced to better care for you!

First, it now has the NEW pH Care OdorProTech™ that helps keep foul smells and odors at bay. For as low as P5 (Sachet SRP), you can feel protected, clean, and fresh all day. All products have this new technology so you can get odor protection that’s specially made for your feminine area.

Second, the new pH Care feminine washes are even milder and gentler than before. It’s now formulated without parabens and potential allergens (ie. HICC, MIT). Still with a pH level of 5 that matches the feminine area’s natural pH, it’s safe enough to use every day and won’t cause any imbalances or negative side effects like itching or infection.

And because pH Care understands your delicate feminine care needs, it has four new variants for you to choose from:

If you’re looking for antibacterial care, there’s Natural Protection with real Guava leaf extract known for generations to provide protection from odor, itch, and irritation-causing bacteria.

There’s the fruity fresh-scented Delicate White for gentle and effective whitening of your bikini area in as early as 14 days. It contains Advance Whitening Complex that uses nature’s best skin lightening botanicals: Green Papaya, Lemon, Bengkoang (Singkamas), Thanaka, and Pomegranate.

If you’re looking for icy freshness, Cooling Comfort is a minty fresh feminine wash formulated with ActiveCool® to provide you an icy fresh feeling, helping you feel clean and fresh all day.

Lastly, for the classic fragrant care, there’s Floral Clean, which has a rosy scent and is enriched with Dual Hydrating Moisturizers to keep the skin soft and smooth as you cleanse.

All pH Care feminine washes now come in 5mL sachets for affordable daily odor protection, while you can also choose among the three variants of pH Care feminine wipes for on-the-go care.

You can find the new pH Care in all drugstores, supermarkets nationwide and on Lazada and Shopee, for convenience and easier accessibility.

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