Playventure by SM Pulilan in the New Normal

Bulakeños are in for a new outdoor dining experience as SM Center Pulilan recently launched  its Playventure Picnic Ground.

The Playventure Picnic Ground is located right inside the Pulilan Bike Trail, also a new mall attraction with new & exciting activities from Outdoor Fitness, 4×4 Offroad, Pet Trail, and the Picnic Ground. This picnic ground provides a unique dining adventure where shoppers can breeze through and enjoy a fun picnic experience with relaxing music and favorite food to match.

Complete your weekend outdoor dining experience with a fun bonfire with your fave food, chillax by listening to live acoustic performance from our featured Bulakeño artists, and a view to match right at the newest dining destination.

A contact-less way of booking a themed picnic spot is done thru FB Appointment and ordering of food from mall’s food stores via Chat to Shop. The Picnic Ground is open daily from 6PM to 10PM.

At the venue, there is dedicated Sanitation Team that disinfects the picnic site before and after use. Plus, there are readily available hand sanitizers deployed on each picnic spot.

So if you are up for a new outdoor dining adventure with fam & friends at the Picnic Ground, click link for booking details.

Create safe and fun outdoor dining moments at SM Center Pulilan Playventure Picnic Ground!