Street kids harass and beat up mall guards [video]

Street Kids harass and beat up mall guards
Street Kids harass and beat up mall guards

QUEZON CITY, Philippines – A group of street children harassing the security guards of SM North EDSA: The Block was caught on video.

The 1 minute 15 second video begins with two mall guards talking to a pre-teen girl wearing a pink top. The girl in pink appears to the be the eldest of the group of minors, which consists of two girls and three boys.

The guard asks the girl if they can move to a different location since they were causing a disturbance to the establishment.

As the mall guards turn around to go back to their duty, the girl in pink then charges into the mall, and in a fit of rage, proceeds to throw a number of items onto the ground, including a hand-held metal detector belonging to the security guards.

The guard tries to shoo away the girl, who continues to throw things at the guard in an attempt to provoke him.

One of the boys eventually throw a bluish object made of metallic material, hitting the guard squarely at the back of the head.

The mall guard remained calm throughout the ordeal. Although clearly disturbed and angry, he remained poised and did not use any harsh words.

The video was originally uploaded by Lyka Gonzalez on Facebook on Sunday, November 16. It has since received over 1 million views, 15k likes, and 18k shares.

Netizens applauded the security guard for remaining calm and patient in handling the situation while others called the attention of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to address the situation.

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