Tanim bala victim takes pictures, scares airport officials

tanim bala victim naia
tanim bala victim naia

by iono101

This just happened this morning. I can’t believe this actually happened. I saw this on the news but I never thought it would happen to anyone I knew.

My family was flying on a domestic flight today and was at the second set of scanners when my cousin was stopped because they saw something her bag. She emptied it in front of them and turned it inside out to show them there was nothing inside. At this point as I was joking that someone put a bullet in there, but I didn’t actually think it would happen. They asked her to put her bag through the scanner again, and after the third time she put her bag through the scanner they pointed out the object in the screen. Again my cousin went to the table and shook her bag while turning it inside out, suddenly bullet shell fell out. No one in our group could believe it. I was just so shocked I immediately started taking pictures. What’s weird is that none of the security agents looked surprised. They just kept saying that they didn’t put bullet there. The commotion our group was making was attracting other passengers who were starting to look. I think they felt that our family was not intimidated by the bullet because we were laughing about it and joking the whole time. I feel like the security agents were beginning to feel scared because of the commotion we were making and the attention we were getting. The security kept saying it’s okay it’s not a big deal. Our group consisted of my cousin an attorney, her husband a police officer, and my uncle (victims father), another attorney and a government official. My uncle went through a different scanner and walked ahead not knowing what was happening to us.

However, before I got a chance to find him, the security agents said it was okay and we could just throw the bullet away. My cousin told them that she refused to touch the bullet and the agents threw it away for her.

I’m a Filipino American citizen. I was planning on bringing my friends to Philippines to show it off, but this is so shameful. The national airport is a representation of the nation and its people. This is a warning to everyone. You are not immune from the tanim bala scam. Domestic or international… young or old, always remain vigilant.