Uber petitions LTFRB support for ride-sharing service

Uber South East Asia Philippines
Uber South East Asia Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – Last November we wrote about how Uber is trying to work with LTFRB in order to find a win-win situation to address governance over the ride-sharing service.

Since then, DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya and LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez have shown tremendous leadership in crafting a regulatory framework that will allow the people of Metro Manila to continue enjoying a new and revolutionary transportation option.

Karun Arya, Communications Lead for Uber South Asia, tells us that this morning, Uber created an online petition which supports and encourages Secretary Abaya to sign the ridesharing regulations and officially make Uber a part of Manila’s future.

The petition, in just a few hrs, has already received tremendous support from Filipinos, more than 4200 of whom have already voiced their support.

The Philippines has the opportunity to cement its reputation as one of the fastest growing and most progressive countries in Asia, by becoming the first country after the United States to create a dedicated framework for ridesharing.

“This would be an amazing achievement not only for the national government, but for all Filipinos,” writes Karun Arya.

For Uber and its partners there is only one thing left to do: Get Secretary Abaya to sign the regulations and officially bring ridesharing to the Philippines.