UNIQLO HEATTECH Ultra Light Down Jackets and Termal Underwear


MANILA, Philippines – Travel aficionados find the holiday season as an opportunity to spend time outside the Philippines where they can walk in winter wonderland amid snowy parks, frosty lanes and cool breeze.

Unlike in other seasons, packing up for the holidays in other parts of the world requires a wise choice of outfit that warms travelers during extremely cold days. Here are some holiday finds to help layer up and stay fashionably warm this Christmas season.

Heat retaining innerwear from head to toe. Bringing along several clothing items to keep warm overseas can cost more money, cause heavier luggage, and make it uncomfortable for travelers to move in and around their holiday destinations.

For smarter travelling, it is best to buy clothes that have warming and heat retention functions to help cut down expenses and baggage size, and give greater convenience and warmth – characteristics that UNIQLO HEATTECH products can definitely offer.

All HEATTECH products are made in the world-renowned Toray Factory located in Kyoto, Japan and are made of four fibers – rayon, acrylic, polyurethane and polyester. By combining these fibers, a cutting-edge fabric is formed. Each product undergoes a tedious process of quality control where factors such as heat retention, odor absorption, moisture and shape retention are tested.

HEATTECH takes body heat and stores it within air pockets deep within the fibers to help the wearer combat cold. It also offers conventional innerwear, pants, knitwear, fleece, and everyday shirts to provide a greater range of outfit combinations for travelers of all gender and ages––women, men, kids and babies.

HEATTECH stretches to fit the wearer’s body like a second skin, enabling him to keep the warmth closer than ever. Selected HEATTECH items in the women’s line are also infused with camellia oil, making its fabric feel silky smooth.

Compact, light jacket that one can wear anytime, anywhere. Winter coats help protect holiday globe trekkers from cold weather but they can be heavy and ineffective for restoring heat. Layering up with a light jacket can help keep warm whether indoors or outdoors.

Available in many colors, UNIQLO’s Ultra Light Down Jacket is a travel must-have that they can wear throughout the holidays. Its aluminum lining that traps about 1.5 times more body heat and its water repellent shell enable Filipinos to do more during their holiday break—attend a party in a bar, have dinner in a restaurant, take a walk in the park, buy holiday gift items in shopping malls, and walk to and from their house––no matter how cold or drizzly the weather is.

The Ultra Light Down jacket can also be brought anywhere as it weighs only 201 grams and packs up in a compact pouch.

The holiday season can indeed be the most wonderful time of the year if travelers do not let the cold weather prevent them from having fun.

They only need a luggage filled with essential clothing items to keep them warm and cozy when spending the holidays miles away from home.

To know more about the UNIQLO HEATTECH and Ultra Light Down clothing items perfect for holiday trips abroad, visit www.uniqlo.com/ph.