Why #TeamAmiga & #CoffeeOrChupa trended on Twitter: Starbucks conversation gets live-tweeted

Ellie Centeno Team Amiga
Ellie Centeno Team Amiga

When Ellie Centeno (@ForEllice onbTwitter) went for coffee at Starbucks she overhead a juicy conversation between three 40 year-old ladies, whom she refers to as the three “Amigas” (female friends). She proceeded to live-tweet the entire conversation. Ellie had the sense to hide the real names of the people involved, with the exception of the main character, Amiga #2, who goes by “Raquel”.

ForEllice mid-40 amigas

Apparently, Raquel cheated on her current husband “Alfie” (not his real name) by sleeping with her ex-husband “Rollie” (not his real name), and was seeking advice from her two friends Amiga #2 (aka Ms Roleplay) and Amiga #3 (aka Ms Esse).

The entire story was supposedly live-tweeted on Monday morning, drawing many into thinking that it is real and that it was happening live. She also shared photos of the Starbucks branch things supposedly took place. She did not specify the branch.

The Starbucks Branch where the "3 Amigas" supposedly had their juicy conversation
The Starbucks Branch where the “3 Amigas” supposedly had their juicy conversation

We have attempted to contact Centeno to verify the authenticity of the incident.

Update 1 (09-Jun-15): The timestamps on Twitter were causing some confusion earlier. We have updated the hours mentioned in the article to reflect Philippine Time, which appears to be 15 behind Twitter’s timestamps.

Update 2 (09-Jun-15): grawrz on Reddit has confirmed that the Starbucks branch shown on the photo is located in Rufino cor Dela Rosa.

Update 3 (09-Jun-15): Ellie has since taken down the Tweets. We have added a few screencaps.

It all begins with this seemingly innocent first tweet, posted at 8:55 PM on June 7 (11:55 AM of June 8 in the Philippines):

Followed by this:

To which her friend (Amiga #2) responds by saying:

To which Raquel replies:

Translation: Of course it felt familiar. Didn’t I always tell you he was better than Alfie?

Enter Amiga #3, whom we shall refer to as “Ms. Esse” (she likes to smoke Esse cigarettes):

To which Raquel narrates a birthday incident that led to alcohol (you know where this is headed):

Amiga #2 apparently keeps things sexy in the bedroom through role-playing – we will thus refer to her “Ms. Roleplay”:


Translation: Oh dear look at you! Me and Mike, when it gets boring in the bedroom, we roleplay! Raquel becomes defensive and blames the liquor:

Translation: But that’s you and Mike! I was drunk! But in truth, I missed him …

She goes on to lament that her current husband (Aflie) spent more time with his job at Novartis (a healthcare provider in the Philippiens) than with her:

Ms Roleplay then suggests using toys (why not!):


Translation: Keep your legs together, Raquel! That’s why there are vibrators!

Raquel then reveals that she agreed to meet with her ex-husband Rolly for coffee later that day:

To which Ms Roleplay responds with “Coffee or chupa?” (coffee or oral sex)?


Racquel defends herself – she is meeting her ex just to “clear the air”:

Ms Esse (Amiga #3) rejoins the conversation by scolding Raquel:

Raquel then asks her friends to have faith in her non-stupidity (really?):

Translation: I won’t tell him, of course! I am not stupid! Have some faith in me! Ms Roleplay calls Raquel a Flirt and brings up John from Xavier (a Filipino-Chinese school in San Juan):


Translation: You were always a flirt ever since High School, Raquel. Remember John from Xavier?

John died two months ago due to Cardiac arrest, reveals Ms Esse:

Raquel again on defense, refusing to own up to what she did, not wanting to feel guilty:

Translation: Don’t scold me. I can’t help that I’m lonely!

Ms Esse continues to scold Raquel:


Translation: It’s not our fault you married Alfie for his money and not for his penis. Raquel pleas for her friends’ support:

Ms Roleplay retorts with this:


Translation: Just a little more and I will sew your pussy, Raquel! Raquel still insists on meeting Rolly for coffee that night:

Translation: I am already decided. I’ll meet Rolly tonight for coffee & tell him we can’t do that again. Even if I want to.

Ms Esse drops bombs on Raquel:

Translation: It’s your life, Raquel. More importantly, it’s your pussy. Followed by another one:

Translation: If you’ve already decided to meet, why do you need our help? Anyway, I’m hungry.

The set goes to a close as the three head for Mom and Tina’s for some food (a bakery / cafe located in Pasig):

Thus the “Raque-Pepe” was born, a play on “Raquel” and pepe (Filipino for pussy / vagina):


Translation: That’s why you’re Raque-Pepe. Huge Pussy.

After 2 minutes, Ellie tweets that they are already leaving for Mom and Tina’s (so soon? are we supposed to believe this):

Ellie ends with a description of our three lovely amigas at 12:46 PM, a little less than an hour after she started tweeting at 11:55 AM.