Digido, UnaCash host financial well-being webinar for employees

PHILIPPINES – In a dedicated effort to enhance financial literacy among its employees, Digido Finance Corp. (DFC), renowned for its award-winning consumer finance platform Digido, and financial solutions provider UnaCash, recently hosted an enlightening half-day webinar series. This initiative underlines their commitment to empowering Filipinos in making informed financial decisions.

The webinar, themed “From Paycheck to Portfolio: Empowering Employees Through Financial Literacy,” featured an intimate seminar discussion led by MindNation, DFC’s mental health and well-being partner since 2021. Registered financial consultant Francis Cañizares discussed strategies to manage financial stress and anxiety. The session delved into practical steps for addressing these issues, developing savings plans, and enhancing cash flow.

In addition, Kimberly Erica Go, a registered financial consultant, conducted a session titled “Back to the Driver’s Seat”. It focused on understanding personal finance fundamentals and fostering positive financial habits. Go highlighted the advantages of building a credit record through short-term loans and buy now, pay later services. Participants received a workbook to manage personal finances and promotional materials on financial literacy.

This webinar is part of DFC’s commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. It aligns with the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion (NSFI) in the Philippines, aiming to improve financial literacy and support the financial well-being of Filipinos.

Diane Tinoko, head of human resources and administration at Digido Finance Corp., emphasized the importance of this initiative. “Enhancing financial education and safeguarding consumer interests are essential. We believe in the power of digital financial literacy initiatives, implemented through a unified framework, to aid in the progression of financial inclusion for Filipinos, one community at a time,” she said.

This effort by DFC and UnaCash reflects a growing trend of organizations recognizing the importance of financial literacy as a key component of employee well-being and empowerment.