Globe Telecom official statement on viral ‘double charge’ horror story

globe telecom horror story
globe telecom horror story

Earlier we shared the horror story of Ms. Sara Pagsibigan, whose experience as a Globe Telecom customer has gone viral on social media.

She alleges that poor and slow customer service has caused her much emotional, physical, and financial distraught in a drama that lasted her four months and cost over 30,000 pesos.

We got in touch with Globe Telecom and received a copy of the response letter that they supposedly sent Sara when she released the story to the public.

According to Globe, they sent this letter to Sara – TWICE – but received no response:

Hi, Sara.

We acknowledge the concerns you mentioned in your FB post, and after reading it, I can empathize with the unfortunate experiences you described in your page

I immediately checked on the facts you indicated in your narrative with the history of your account, and found out that our people were consistently communicating with you to resolve your concerns.

While you did acknowledge the letter we sent dated October 20, 2015, enumerating the actions we took to resolve the issues in your account, you no longer replied to the succeeding messages we sent you.

Please let me recap the content of our letter. The supposed “overcharge” amounting to P39,419.00 was a result of a double posted official receipt (OR) and not of overpayment. It is sad that the erroneous posting of the second OR, which stemmed from a human error, resulted in unwarranted credit to your account. I hope you understand that had the erroneous second posting been left uncorrected, it would appear that we had received P78,838.00 from you, or twice the amount you actually paid. We had to correct the error, and this was reflected in your August 2015 (Bill 21) Statement of Account.

We needed to be sure that there was indeed no double charge that’s why we were relieved to find out in our own copy of your credit card provider’s records covering your transaction with Globe that the P39,419.00 was only debited once. We can provide you with a copy if you should want one. We also encourage you to independently secure a bank statement from BPI to validate our claim.

Allow me again to extend our sincere apology for the unpleasant experience. You are one of our valued customers and you are important to us.

Rest assured that we remain committed in improving our customer service processes for our valued customers. Thank you.

Beck Eclipse
Chief Customer Experience Officer

So there you have it – both sides of the coin.

Was this a simple case of miscommunication on both sides? Share your thoughts by commenting below.