Kobe back in Manila to spread the Mamba Mentality

Kobe Bryant is back once again in Manila, but this time he’s on a different mission: to spread the Mamba Mentality.

So what is the Mamba Mentality? Passion. Obsession. Relentlessness. Resiliency. Fearlessness. These are just some of the words that encapsulate what it means to live by the Mamba Mentality.

There’s no doubt the killer instinct associated Kobe’s demeanor pays off on the hardwood, but the newly retired 20-year NBA veteran suggests the mentality can be applied to just about anything.”We’re trying to enable people to be the best version of themselves,” said Bryant.

kobe 1

So whether you’re hitting the game winning shot in game seven of the NBA Finals, or cooking lasagna (as Kobe jested in his press conference) the mentality can help you achieve greatness.

The all-time great has visited Manila a handful of times, and he claims that we Filipinos are always welcoming and fervent about his stay. “From the minute I got off the plane, the energy started immediately,” said Kobe. “It’s really good to be back here.”

In his press conference at the Shangri La hotel in BGC, the Laker great touched on a number of topics outside of the Mamba Mentality. Kobe talked about the state of the NBA and the emotional toll of hanging up his jersey after 20 memorable years in the league. Though his playing days are over, Kobe stated that he’s excited to help foster the next generation of basketball by spreading the Mamba Mentality, and of course, endorsing his line of Nike Products.

Kobe’s visit to Manila is proudly sponsored and endorsed by Nike. Kobe, a long time member of the Nike team, assured sneakerheads that he will still be working with Nike to develop new shoes. So to fans of Kobe’s famous line of shoes—have no fear—the NBA legend will still be releasing new products long into the future.

kobe 2

During his stay, Bryant is also hosting a basketball camp for Metro-Manila youth called the Kobe Academy. The basketball camp begins Sunday, June 26. However, it is only open to children who attended the pre-camp sessions this past week. There’s no doubt the kids selected to be a part of the camp will be honored to attend, but Kobe insists that the camp will be hard work. In classic Kobe fashion, the camp begins at 4AM! A true testament to his iconic work ethic that he wishes to instill in the young attendees and Filipinos as a whole.

As much as we would love for Kobe to stay in Manila, his trip will be a hasty one. His mission to spread the Mamba Mentality is a “constant quest” that will help people worldwide to live their lives to the fullest. Achieving success through the Mamba Mentality takes a lot of work, and a lot of time; however, Kobe believes with the right amount of imagination, dedication, and resolve, all your dreams can come true.

Truly inspiring stuff from the man, the legend, and all-time great: Kobe Bean Bryant.