VIRAL: My Bebe Love ticket swapping with Beauty and the Bestie a “baseless issue” – MMFF

The 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival committee has already cleared out the issue on ticket-swapping that was earlier reported by My Bebe love director Joey Reyes.

On the official statement released on December 26, 2015, the committee denied the issue and stated that . . .

“The Metro Manila Film Festival, after looking into the ticket swapping issue, strongly denies the existence of such and is enjoining all the stakeholders of the Festival to be responsible in expressing their sentiments especially on Social Media. The objective of the MMFF is to promote the local film industry and this baseless issue will only sideline the true intent and purpose of the Festival. Let’s continue supporting all the entries of the MMFF 2015.”

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MMFF committee reiterated that movie goers should be responsible in expressing their sentiments especially on social media as lots of negative reactions exploded in the internet.

The allegations started when Joey Reyes, My Bebe love director tweeted in his personal account that he received ticket-swapping cases and was later confirmed by producers of the film. He also made the confirmation after some movie-goers claimed that they bought a ticket for the said entry, but the movie printed in their tickets was a different one.

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“ALDUB NATION: Just make sure you get the right ticket before you leave the counter. It COULD be an honest mistake but still … BE AWARE.”

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“Got word from producer:IT IS TRUE. Make sure that the title of the movie on YOUR ticket is what you want to watch.Beware of ticket swapping.”

He also encouraged his followers to report the anomalies and post it in social media.

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“BEWARE OF TICKET-SWAPPING. Look at the title of the movie on your tickets. REPORT anomalies or take IG pictures and POST in social media.”

The allegation was even trended in Twitter and got the first spot in the Philippines.

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Heres one of the ticket-swapping cases we saw in social media. The netizen claimed that he bought My Bebe Love tickets but when he saw the ticket, the film’s rival in the box office, Beauty and the Bestie was printed in the paper.

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#AlDubNation please be aware! Initially thought it was just a random mistake when we saw similar posts earlier but apparently it’s not! We don’t want to think bad of other people but it seems the ticket sales are bring rigged in favor of someone else’s film! @direkjoey@octoartsfilms @mybebelove_official @eatbulaga1979 @direkmike @angpoetnyo@allan_klownz @richard_p_faulkerson @rmcfaulkerson @leysam17 @nelsoncanlas@aubreycarampel @gmanetwork @gmanews Hope you can help do something about this to help the stars of #MyBebeLove also @msaiaidelasalas @mainedcm @aldenrichards02. Thank you. @Regrann from @fennypaid – My bebe love ang pinanood nmin pero beauty and the bestie ang ticket na binigay… bat ganun????”

Meanwhile, MMFF announced that all eight entries earned a total of 160 million in its first day but they did not declare the exact amounts of each film accumulated in respect to other films. The four leading films were My Bebe Love, Beauty and the Bestie, All you need is Pag-ibig and Haunted Mansion.

According to GMA News online, My bebe love starred by phenomenal duo AlDub, the loveteam of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, alongside with Vic Sotto and Aiai delas-alas earned 60 million in its first day.

Philstar also released the first day gross of each film. As of 5 pm of December 25, 2015,  according to industry sources, the ranking at SM Cinemas is as follows (results in other theaters were not immediately available):

1) Bebe Love – P29.3 million

2) Beauty and the Bestie – P26.3 million

3) Haunted Mansion – P4.1 million

4) All You Need is Pag-Ibig – P3.6 million

5) Buy Now Die Later – P1.9 million

6) Walang Forever – P1.5 million

7) Honor Thy Father – P386,000

8) Nilalang – P299,000

None of these information were confirmed as official by the MMFF committee.

My Bebe Love and Beauty and the Bestie starred by Box office star Vice Ganda are expected to do a showdown in the MMFF box office.

Fans also anticipate the results of awards night of the film fest dubbed as “Gabi ng Parangal” on the night of December 27, 2015.

Which film will be hailed the best picture and who are the stars that will shine bright in the box office? Comment your thoughts.

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