Not a charity hospital? Physician defends OB-Gyne who refused to accept pregnant woman

A physician namely  James Abraham Dacanay Malala has posted his comment against those who cyber bully his fellow doctor who he said that just “followed the hospital’s protocol.”

This is his response about a viral post of Andrew Pelayo who accused University of Santo Tomas (UST) hospital for not accepting her wife who supposed to be getting birth to a baby last February 19 due to hospital bills that has to be paid first. The baby died after the pregnant woman was refused to be admitted twice.

In his post, he discussed his argument in five points where he emphasized that netizens should stop judging the doctor who just did her job.

Here’s the full post:

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Points to ponder after reading the recent viral FB post where a resident physician was judged and accused wrongly.

1.) The UST hospital (even the clinical division) is not a charity/government hospital. Admission in the clinical division hospital is per cash-basis however the doctor’s fee and room/service bed are free. That being said, all procedures (labs, imaging studies, surgical paraphernalia) and medications are shouldered by the patient. I know this very well because I am a proud Thomasian graduate/physician.

2.) The physician is an OB-Gyn resident. Like any other resident, she’s just following the hospital protocol. She will not benefit from the patient’s money. She doesn’t have a professional fee. The resident doctor is on duty out of compassion and commitment.

3.) As narrated in the post, the patient and her husband were advised early on after the doctor examined & made sure that the patients (mother & baby) are stable that they need to transfer to another institution (Government Hospital), that can cater their needs based on their available funds. But then, they came back.

4.) Pregnancy in general or an ongoing-labor for that matter is relatively a non-emergency case if we talk about the financial aspect of it. The patient and her husband should have at least saved enough money for 9months (7 months if premature) in preparation for childbirth (responsible parenthood). I am also curious if they have PhilHealth because being responsible to one’s health should at least invest on a PhilHealth benefit (the least of what our government can do).

5.) It’s unfair that the social media is used casually & wrongly to humiliate & destroy a doctor’s reputation because of ignorance & outburst of emotions. It’s really foul. Our healthcare system may suck hence the occurrence of such problems but the laymen should probably let the resident physician/hospital explain its side first (in private) before they judge & curse. Owell. Social media posts and access to healthcare have things in common. Both “a right” & also “a responsibility”.

My deepest condolences to the parents of the baby. May this serve as a lesson for everyone.

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According to the Republic act 8344, hospitals and medical clinics will be penalized upon refusal to administer appropriate initial medical treatment and support in emergency or serious cases.

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