TRUMPERTE — Laugh It Out Loud with Jon Santos

Jon Santos is back where he loves it most! The Stage that is …

Hold on to your seats as the funniest and wittiest stand-up comedy of 2018 hits the metro with Jon Santos as Trumperte! 

            Taking the queue from our backlogged license plates, the great number of celebrities and dubious icons grabbing headlines in the world now are in a severe pile-up, all overripe for some wicked spoofing! The unsurpassable Jon Santos relieves our cultural backlog with an original satirical live show guaranteed to be brave, explosive, and delightfully entertaining.

            As the meme-able title implies, Trumperte! Is the ultimate political spoof mash-up. Their Excellencies ‘’President RonaldMcDonald Trump’’ and ‘’Pangulong DuThirty’’ both in one night!