Diverse Film Entries for TOFARM Film Festival 2018

Come and watch these brilliant works from September 12-18 at selected theaters in Metro Manila and provincial cities.

The ever growing popular ToFarm Film Festival now on it’s third year is slowly becoming recognized as an important stepping stone and medium of independent film representation by fast rising minor film productions.

All thanks to the passion and dedication of Dr. Milagros How, President and CEO of Universal Harvester, Inc. The film festival is the only advocacy-driven film in the country with film entries showcasing the lives, journeys, trials and triumphs of the Filipino farmer.

At the recent mini-presscon a week before the formal opening on September 12, the media met for the very first time some of the cast of the six full length entries.

The official SIX full length films are:  
Mga Anak Ng Kamote
Sol Searching
Tanabata’s Wife