Globe vs Smart / PLDT vs Telstra: What’s the real score? [infographic]

Globe vs Smart vs Telstra
Globe vs Smart vs Telstra

MANILA, Philippines – For the past week, social media has been buzzing non-stop with excitement over Telstra’s possible foray into the Philippine market. Disgruntled and unsatisfied by poor and slow Internet service, social media has been flooded by fake posts painting the Australian telco as the savior of Philippine Internet.

Until the venture is confirmed, the hype only brings false hope to a country dominated by two major carriers –  Smart / PLDT and Globe, who recently announced a 1Gbps Internet service – albeit in selected areas. Cable Internet provider Sky has also announced their new value added plans, starting at 1,999 PHP for 16 Mbps.

So, how does Australia’s number one carrier compare to the Philippines’ top two?  The following infographic compares cost and the value coming from each of the providers in both Mobile and Broadband (wired) Internet.