Reset – A Jackie Chan Film June 28, 2017

Reset - Asian action movie starring Yang Mi & Wallace Hua. A Jackie Chan Film distributed by Star Cinema showing in Theaters Nationwide June 28, 2017


I watched almost all of Jackie Chan films for the past 3 decades. And guest what? It gives me a wow and It didn’t disappoint me. I always passed by his store near avenue of the stars every-time I travelled to his hometown Hong Kong. As a fan, I like actors who do their own action stunts and made a lot of efforts to please the fans.  

This weekend I saw him and his racing team again in Action, securing the Le Mans 24 LMP2 category glory. Winning for his Racing Team aside from being an Academy Award  Legend. Too bad we didn’t meet, maybe sometime next race, sport or film actions stunts. I was supposed to be in Circuit de la Sarthe for  24 Heures du Mans WEC motorsport championship last weekend

Anyways, Reset film stars Yang Mi and Wallace Hua Asia’s biggest stars. Directed by S Korean Director and Sreenwriter Chang. The first release will be in Philippines on June 28 andthen China on June 30th. We were lucky enough to be the 1st stop of JC creations.

The plot is set in 2025 where Yang Mi (Xian Tin) a single mother that work as a researcher in developing method of time travel using black holes. Wallace Huo (Tsui Hu) kidnaps her son as a ransom for the technology. Xian uses the unfinished time machine to go back an hour and 50 mins to save her son. The movie won Best Actress and Show in 2017 at the 50th World-Fest Houston International Film Festival.

See the high tech things that mother can do to save her son. During the press launch last week at ABS CBN ELJ building. I meet Fifa folks Karen, who is also a Star Cinema movie producer and supporter of this film.  See more info of Reset film here and high octane tech explosives action drama trailer video here.