This is how Taytay, Rizal’s garment industry empowers women entrepreneurs

RIZAL, Philippines – In an inspiring episode of “My Puhunan,” set to air this Saturday (December 16), three formidable women entrepreneurs share their journey to success, rooted in the thriving garment industry of Taytay, Rizal, known as the “Garments Capital of the Philippines.”

Host Karen Davila introduces viewers to Erika Duran, Dolores Munar, and Nancy Andres, who have each carved a niche in the fabrics and clothing market in Taytay. Erika Duran’s story is particularly motivating; starting with a meager capital of just P500 for fabrics, she has now expanded her entrepreneurial endeavors to include a salon and a restaurant. Dolores Munar, initially a reseller, has progressed to designing and manufacturing her own line of children’s clothing. Meanwhile, Nancy Andres, a frequent shopper in Taytay, has taken her passion a step further by selling both locally and internationally sourced garments in her stall in Baclaran.

The episode also features Migs Bustos in conversation with Ghie Pangilinan, the brain behind the milk tea shop “Tea Talk.” Pangilinan shares her experience of building a business from scratch and presents an opportunity for viewers to become franchisees of “Tea Talk,” which boasts a business model accessible even to those with limited capital.

“My Puhunan: Kaya Mo!” with Karen Davila and Migs Bustos, offers a new perspective on the potential of the Philippine garment industry and the power of entrepreneurship. The show, now airing at a new timeslot every Saturday at 5:00 pm, is available on various platforms including Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z,, and other ABS-CBN News online platforms.