Worlds Best Websites Blog Inspiration – Top 10 sites for Design Resources and Fonts

Different sites in the world got different goals to showcase. I mean different mission and vision, It depends on the location and group affiliation of the web owner and members. Also It depends on the editor in chief and group of people or member that are involved. Whether a designer, writer, blogger, vloger, contributor, journalist, graphic artist, reporter or correspondent.

So, If you are looking for Best World Websites or Blogs. I compiled some of the best website, blogs, web designs, marketing company and web design fonts in no particular order. Based on the sites that I like and I work with before. From sports, lifestyle, tech, events to travel. And useful information that I can get useful juicy information, hype or get entertained with.

Also as a blogger myself web design and inspiration is a must to made a good chemistry output. When it comes to publishing, embedding those video codes even social media conversation links.  To make sure you are with in the standards of global language of being relevant. And being likable to your audience mainly your readers or your target market niche.

But of course, one of the best online magazine blog is which focus on Technology, Lifestyle and Entertainment in the Philippines. With an effort to promote, uplift and preserve Filipino culture. A tagalog word or slang was formed –  with a hot + cool + rock n roll sign = Astig as a meaning.

Aside from Blog or Magazine online source. One of the important them is the design elements. Like the Illustration, fonts, templates  is important when selecting your unique design. Which is based on your site personality and online presence that you’d like to be known with.

So every design is unique based on the services that you offer. Or trademark that you like to be remember. Design bundles provides you with over 150 000 curated design bundles. With over million users some of them got it for free and some are licensed  for professional commercial use. As you select alternative to Font Fabric with your favorite font style combinations. You may select to alternative to FreePik ready design web template choices.

Being a sports guy, lets talk about sports juice on web. As of February 2020, ESPN is the number 2 in rank when it comes to sports search. Next to yahoo sports, But I’m using Philippine IP address every-time I google’d it or do some keyword sport relevant search. And I was redirected to Philippines partner landing site. Which is the official partner of ESPN which is the ESPN5 – A top sport site with 80 million estimated monthly visitors.

Although the content is local and international, what I liked most of the site is that it has articles relevant related information. Of all the sports events and schedules including eSports. And also social media integration to its official Facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, newsletter, calendar and ESPN partner sites to different nations.

Speaking of Web Logo another important trademark when it comes to branding.  2 years ago – I wrote this article that works automatically pre-select a certain logo when you enter your company name. Then it will show you several colors, styles and fonts examples of logo. Then you may choose different colors that represents your brand. That you  can do it step by step as you select the design that you like. Then choose the DIY design that you like.

The company  called Logojoy gives you a high resolution and copyright of the said logo. Also the access to make changes or modifications which is actually cost effective than a human designer. As this do it yourself logo company enhance your designer creativity options. 

Now I’m putting all the best ingredients, like cooking a full functioning website. Another website that inspire me to explore fine things is not the news but the Luxury section of Telegraph. Maybe its also because of the taste and great skills of the experts who wrote about those wonderful things on earth.  From private jet, yacht, supercars, watch, mansion properties and great getaways travel lux.

I’m pretty much sure that every would enjoy the delicious perspective and insight or the expert journalist.  Tailored fit to the most ambitious travel, gadgets and events of our lifetime. Who know’s I may create another site similar to this in collaboration with design bundles, logojoy, wildfyre and font bundles.

Wildfyre did managed, designed my own website and domain. From an expired dot com and another blogspot. Being attracted to several sites and blogs, finally this marketing company called page one did an all in one package for me.  So at At, I spark conversation by featuring the latest in business, tech, travel and food, and highlight what is in our out.

Let’s break the internet with Wildfyre. Visit today. This is my 1st time to do a make up photo-shoot and video commercial like a professional hollywood actor online. Its hard to be on those different cameras and drones like what I’ve did in My Shades Amazing Thailand travel documentary produced by International Thailand TV productions.

Also see my website personal blog commercial here — made produced at Warehouse Eight, Makati City – Philippines. 

Sometimes opportunity wasn’t given to the one that likes it (events-access). Lets admit, It takes a great connection, efforts and personal relationship to be invited or to cover those great events of our lifetime. Like the world cupmotogp, f1  and major sporting event in the planet. So you need to be creative in collaborations and in partnership with best niche news sites.

So brings me closer to the bleacher of the best fumble, hottest court side, counter punch, KO’s and tackle conversations of the local and world greatest sporting main events. As the Pinoy sport news site focus into the deep while it breaths and eat every sports juice beat in the country. Just like your local Pinoy ESPN and Yahoo sports news site.

Having said that, those great world best sites as a whole and  the links that I’ve mentioned. I’m pretty much sure you have an idea or bigger picture on what to do to your own site.  Just like a computers, software and users overall package. I’m  now painting the bigger picture on how would you like your wonderful site to became and made along the way.

Where to get web inspiration that runs thru your blood. As your unique passion blog, business landing portal or community site property remains accessible to anybody. A virtual business that opens 24/7 in the world wide web.

Which can be use or beneficial to in any profession or anybody. If you are a professional like a graphic designer, blogger, webmaster, marketing pro,  teacher or even a student. You can use my sample world best sites inspiration like, design templates,  logo options, fonts user example as a guide and source reflection makeover of your website image.