LTFRB apprehends Uber driver in sting op, Uber responds

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MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATED) The Land Transportation Franchising & Regulatory Board (LTFRB) apprehended an Uber driver in a sting operation on Wednesday.

According to initial report by James Beltran of TV5, a black SUV with plate number WII-360 was impounded when a LTFRB agent booked a trip through Uber. The owner was subsequently fined P200,000 as penalty.

In addition to the hefty P200,000 penalty, the vehicles used may face up to 3 months of impounding.

“We are just being fair with legitimate franchise owners,” says LTFRB Executive Director Roberto Cabrera, adding that they are supportive of Uber’s cause but concerned about the safety of its passengers.

Uber is a ride sharing service that launched last year. It allows passengers to connect with vehicles for hire using an application on the mobile phone.

Local taxi operators earlier filed a “colorum” complaint through the LTFRB against the transport service.

In response, Uber issued a message of support, calling the move “unfair”.

Below is the full message from Uber Philippines:

Dear Partners,

One of our partner’s drivers was apprehended today in a sting operation by LTFRB in coordination with local media. We believe this was unfairly done.

As we have always assured you–and all our partners in the 220+ cities we operate in globally–we will support you and seek swift resolution to this incident. Ever since Uber launched in Manila almost a year ago to introduce the safest and most reliable way to get around the Metro, Filipino riders have unanimously rallied behind you by taking more and more trips with you every day.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, please contact us immediately at 09178295991. We invite you to come to the office Monday-Friday at 12AM for our daily partner info session if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you and Uber on Uber Manila Team

MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino has since issued a statement condemning the move by the LTFRB.


  1. If Safety Concern, i’ll Vote for UBER 1.) bago ka sumakay nakarecord na sayo ang Plate number and Name of Driver and Picture, 2.) hindi mo kailangan pumunta sa mga waiting area na usually meron holdaper, snatcher and Pickpockets, 3.) walang daya sa metro na every click kakabahan ka, 4.) safe ka rin makakarating sa bahay mo mismo sa gate. 5.) yung mga driver very polite…

    Thank you!
    i am an Uber User.

  2. LTFRB should act on the public' s complain against choosy taxi drivers and non use of the meter system instead than on this UBER thing. Talk of an oppression by the government. Now you know whom to fear more… A government that claims legality of their action to oppress a harmless individual…..this is a form pf hulidap…

  3. If the LTFRB is really concerned with the "safety of the public" why are they letting the colorum buses, jeeps, and taxis still operate?

    F.U.C.K. the L.T.F.R.B. and send them all to H.E.L.L.

  4. The move to shut Uber down because of "safety concerns" is highly dubious. If taxi operators want more passengers, they should improve their services. They can start by hiring better drivers, making sure that they get the sort who won't try mugging or drugging their customers. (Mind that not all cab drivers are vile. These good apples are rare and to be treasured. We've met most of these nice cab drivers through the lovely GrabTaxi app.)

    A number of people we know have been victimized by "licensed and franchised" felons, including a young lady whom we heard screaming outside our old apartment. We ran to her aid just in time. The cab driver tried to retrieve her, but retreated at the sight of us. The poor girl was robbed and beaten with a tire wrench. She escaped by grabbing the tool from his hand, and breaking the window to open the cab door from the outside (because of the child lock). She was broke, bloodied, and confused. She told us that since she saw his face, he wanted to do away with her.

    A similar thing happened to a former officemate of mine who, after being asked to fork over her bag, made like an action hero and jumped out of the cab in the middle of South Superhighway. It was lucky that she didn't get run over.

    Another former officemate was more compliant. After being taken to a dark spot along Malugay St., and being ganged up on by the cab driver's armed companions (who were picked up at the corner of Malugay), she gave the crooks her bag and her ATM PIN.

    There's also this incident with an angry cab driver who wanted more than what the meter stated. The driver attempted to run over my husband even after having been paid.

    More than a handful of times, my husband and I had the misfortune of riding cabs that were infested with roaches. Because the cabs are parked in dodgy areas, these pests crawl inside the vehicles and nest there. It's horrible.

    This year, I've been repeatedly refused service by many cab drivers because of my wheelchair, even though the trip is only from Greenbelt 1 to Rada Street. The taxi queue was useless. The cab drivers still got to pick and choose, anyway.

    In my entire history of riding cabs, when rain falls, some of them would ask passengers for fare higher than what the meter states. They come up with all sorts of reasons, but it's mainly driven by greed. They know there are more commuters than cabs so they try to con people into giving them more money.

    Uber is an affordable private car service that offers safety and convenience.

    Uber is great because its drivers are honest and they don't try to weasel more money out of passengers by not following the meter (or pretending not to have change and assuming that they deserve a 50-peso tip for a 50-peso trip). The entire process is very transparent, allowing family and friends to: 1) get the details of the driver (including his/her recent pic); and 2) get an accurate, real-time view of the passenger's route.
    Uber's app also has a feature that allows its passengers to split the fare as they please–all while using a cashless, smart phone-based system.

    Uber has eliminated inefficiencies so often found in public transport systems. It offers safety and convenience. It guarantees a comfortable means of transportation for people (like me) who require wheelchairs.

    I hope Uber stays on. It has innovated and designed its services in such a way that they are relevant to the market. We need more companies like it.

  5. point very well taken maam..just really hoping insurance is clear on these services. Again maam i am not condemning their services, i take your word about how good their services are. I am for the good of the people and if the law allows this then i am all for it as much as you are.i just wanted to make very clear of the insurance system because when, god forbid, accidents happen and no one is taking responsibilities, then that would be atrocious. Please do not make it personal because this is a free country and i can say what i want to say. We were making clear.of our points here and i understand and respect everyone's point

  6. Aaron Narido Hindi po illegal ang driver na nahuli. UBER provides the MINI IPAD for their PARTNERS, and when a client wants to rent UBER via their Smartphones, they open the app, they "Request a Driver" then the available Driver will just click "Accept" from the MINI IPAD that is provided by UBER. When they click "Accept" the PICTURE and FULL NAME of the Driver will show on your phone and their car model (Innova, Vios, Hummer). The Driver will pick up the client to where they are, plus, You are treated like a VIP, they will open the doors for you, the driver will ask you if you want to turn on the radio and if the aircon is ok, plus, if somebody calls them from their own mobile phones, they will ask politely if they can answer the call. VIP Treatment. Plus, upon arrival to your place, they will also open the doors for you and you don't need to pay anything or swipe your card, because everything is online. So everything is Safe, Cashless, and Great Service. How can you say na PUV eh hindi naman sila umiikot at nagaabang ng pasahero. Use UBER first before commenting.

  7. hmmm…interesting. The Operator is fined – aside from the driver – for every violation where the Operator's asset (taxi, bus or jeep) is involved. That forces the Operators to select/ screen their drivers properly. They only select the good / disciplined ones.

  8. Lets just hope nothing bad will happen during these services because when they do, lets hope they can and will cover the damages…i hope i have not done bad to anyone here, i was very careful not taking anything personal here and if i have, i apologize

  9. actually LTFRB does have a fault. they actually barked at the wrong tree. next would be about the BIR issue. It is a business, hence they pay taxes sa BIR, and you get a receipt. i cannot reiterate more that you actually download the app and use UBER and actually talk to the drivers (which happens to be the owners of the cars most if not all the time). as for your opinion on LTFRB's intentions, I'll respect that. But I have my own take about intentions. again, 1 vehicle does not equate to sting ops. I'll keep it at that. I'll end this with a saying that i heard so many times: Be good to all and be always good from the start because if you actually are bad from the start and you tried to be good, everyone will doubt that goodness and no one would be believe that goodness anymore".

  10. Aaron Narido shoot! so cleared na tayo dito? –

    "Hnd ko gets bkt dmeng ngrereklamo dito, sa pagkakaintindi ko, colorum nga un ginamit n kotse nun driver e, wlang prangkisa..tama lng nmn gnwa ng ltfrb..sinusuportahan nga nila un uber e, ang kaso lng sna masigurado na ung ggmiting cab e me prangkisa"

    Regarding naman sa insurance issue, i think depende na yan sa agreement ng mag partner, eh kng sinabi ni uber na app lng ang sa kanya eh syempre the rest sagot na ng operator – insurance, gas, driver, maintenance.. but they should be compensated dapat accordingly, as per their contribution.

    Eh kng ikaw naman ay isang individual who needs to travel, depende na sayo yan kng alin ang kukuhain mong serbisyo – mag rerenta ka ng pribadong sasakyan o sasakay sa pampublikong sasakyan coz you feel you are more insured. really up to the consumers.

    And again, to avoid misleading, there is a big difference when you say "renting a car" and "taking a PUV cab" – at ang bawat isa ay may kanya-kanyang saklaw pagdating sa mga usaping permits, insurance, etc.

  11. Kristina Mendoza well then i rest my case maam..but you cant fault the ltfrb for trying because their intentions were good…all that is up in the air now is if this becomes a huge profit taking business and what will the BIR do about this because after all it is a business…still, insurance is the key word here…And thanks for the link maam

  12. Yung pagpapauupa ng sasakyan, may guidlines po na sinusunod..kung ito po ay isang beses isang buwan m lng gngwa, hnd m po ito mssbing bsness,. Meron pong requirement pra mging bsness ito, una ay kung gaano kalaki ang kinikita mo dito..nsa bataas po yan. Kung ngpapaupa ka ng sasakyan at kumita ka ng mga dalawang libo sa isang taon dhil isang beses m lng pinaupahan ang iyong sskyan, hnd nmn po ito kelangang iparehistro..pero kung kumikita ka na dito at ito na ang iyong trabaho o bsness, kailangan m na po ito sabihin sa gobyerno

  13. Actually sir yung sitwasyon ay hnd rent a car ang ngyre…ito pp ay nging taxi kind of bsness whch only helps you get from point A to point B..pagkatpos kyong ihatid, maari n silang kumuha ng ibang pasahero, hnd po ito ang depinisyon ng rent a car bagkus ay taxi. Yun pong sinasabi nyo na parang limousine bsness, hnd po dyan registered ung sasakyan na nahuli. Tama po kayo may gyang bsness at lehitimo din ito, subalit sila din ay dumadaan sa gobyerno dhil ito ay isang bsness, at itong nahuli ay wlng ganitogn bsness,. Pra nyo nding bingyan ng lisensya ang tao pra magbenta ng goods, pero kayo po ba ay may kapangyarihang gawin ito? Hnd po ba ang gobyerno ang me responsibilidad nito

  14. Kasama sa responsibilidad na ito ang insurance,.sa isang lehitimong operator, sakop ng kanilang insurance ang knilang mga pasahero, at kung mgkakaaksidente ay sasagutin nila ito…pero sa isang pribadong tao, at nagsakay ng pasahero, pag naaksidente sila, hnd po io-honor ng insurance company ito dhil ginamit po itong pampasahero at ang insurance ay para lamang sa driver,.. Ito po ang nais maiwasan ng ltfrb..hnd rin po ito sasagutin ng uber dhil hnd nila pagmamayari ang kotse at hnd nila empleyado ang is where that sort of capitalism kicks in, wla silang responsibilidad sa insurance ng kotse at ng driver, sa maintenance ng kotse, sa permits nito. All these risks lie solely on the drivers

  15. Aaron Narido there supposed to be NO issue here about the driver. sorry hindi talaga kita maintindihan. unang una, hindi po PUV vehicles ang mga sasakyang nakarehistro sa uber dahil hindi po sila pampublikong sasakyan – they are FOR RENT, so hindi po required ang yellow plate? hindi po ibig sabihin na kapag nagpapa upa ka ng sasakyan (o anumang uri na pinapa-upahan) ito ay gamit pampubliko na?

  16. At yung sinasabi nyo pong operators at uber ay partners, wla pong problema don, pero itong nahuling driver ay hnd miyembro ng anumang operator, kaya nga po sya hinuli e dhil hnd nmn sya dpat namamasada. Pwede po syng mgdrive ng kotse,sure, pero pra gmiting pampubliko po ung sasakyan na hnd naman pampubliko, at gmitin ang kanyang lisensya pra pampbulikong driver, ito po ay mali..may pinagdadaanan po pra mging driver ng pampublikong sasakyan dhil kaakibat dito ang ibang responsibilidad, at responsibilidad mo ang iyong pasahero

  17. Anthony Glovo thats when things get messed up,yes sir you are licensed driver, but to be a driver of public utility vehicle is another thing and you have to disclose that to the government. Ang nangyyre po dito ay ngiging maka kapitalismo ang systema dhil hnd po registered as a car rental, o taxi operator company ang uber, so wla po silng binabayarang buwis pra s bsness na ito, ang kanilang bsness ay social networking servces na nag bbgay ng pagkakaton pra mapadali ang experience ng publiko, wla hong problema dito, ngkakaron po ng problema kung ang mga drivers sa sistema nila ay hnd rehistradong driver ng pampublikong pamamasada

  18. Aaron Narido sorry, i dont get it.. when you say you are a pro-licensed individual, you can:

    – drive practically anybody's car
    – assist a student driver
    – drive a private, public or a government vehicle

    non-pro license is not allowed in uber. Operators and UBER are partners so how could you say they are not affiliated? cars and drivers (pro) are provided by the operators and app is provided by UBER. magkaiba po ang pasahero sa nag rerenta.

  19. At yung mismog bsness model po ng uber ang gustung amyendahan ng ltfrb, dhil hnd nmn po maari na magbgay nlng sila na karapatan s mga drivers n pumasada dhil ito ay trabaho ng lto…sila po ay networking service, hnd po sila permit-giving-body pra payagan na pumasada yung mga pribadong drivers, ito po sa aking pagkakaintindi ang pinapahiwatig ng ltfrb.

  20. Kristina Mendoza maam, ang sinusuportahan ko po dito ay ang paghuli sa driver na nsa artikulong ito, dhil sya ay hnd pampasaherong driver..anu po ba ang mahirap intindihin dito…ang sinasabi ng batas e kelangan mong magparehistro kung ggmitin mong pampubliko ang iyong sasakyan, at ito po ang fine line na sinusunod ng ltfrb. Tanggap ko po na maraming katiwalian sa gobyerno, pero iyon po ay hnd na sakop ng aking pinapahiwatig. Opo maganda yong idea ng uber, pero kailangan din po nilang magwork under the law. Hnd po ba ay nagrereklamo tyo dhil s dmi ng mga colorum, nkakadagdag s sikip ng trapiko, e ito pong isolated n event n ito, ito pong driver n ito ay colorum.wag po ntin isama ung mga lehitimong gumagmit ng uber

  21. Anthony Glovo tatlo na kami nag eexplain sa kanya. di nya talaga naintindihan kasi di nya pa ata nababasa ang business model ng UBER at di pa sya nakakagamit. i did send him a link of UBER though to let him know that there are different types of vehicles that can register via UBER to become a partner. I think he still insist on the idea that only "pampasaherong" vehicles only ang pwede bumiyahe according daw sa batas kaya hinuli ni LTFRB si SUV. O_O so anyways. Since he defends that the sting LTFRB did as good, i would like to share to you that i found out from a colleague that a cab driver told him a story about how some LTFRB personnel actually uses impounded buses para bumiyahe sa madaling araw. ang kita ng bus ay napupunta sa personnel. by around 5 or 6am binabalik na ang bus sa loob. T_T so yeah, that's why the sting op is legit. T_T

  22. Kayo na po ang nagsabi hnd sila pampasaherong sasakyan, pero in essence ay ito po mismo ang gnagawa nila, ang tao gnagmit ang serbisyo nila bilang pasahero. Sang ayon po ak dyan registered drivers tong mga to, pero as private drivers po..hnd po commercially, hnd pampasahe

  23. Anthony Glovo actually sir hnd po sila rent a car bsness, dhil hnd po nila pagmamayari ang mga sasakyan n kanilang pinapagmit s mga drivers. Sana po ay inyo rin itong maintindihan..wla pong affiliations ang mga drivers na ito sa kumpanya ng uber..sila lamang ay meer users ng app na tinutulungan ng uber pra makahanp ng pasahero

  24. Aaron Narido i think you missed the whole point! hindi po pampasaherong sasakyan ang mga sasakyang naka rehistro sa UBER. hindi po sila nag-aabang ng pasahero sa kalsada, hindi po sila pumipila at nakikipag agawan ng pasahero sa mga pampasaherong sasakyan. ang uber po ay rent-a-car business, registrado, nagbabayad ng buwis at tanging mga professional drivers' lamang ang ina-aaproba nilang mag maneho ng sasakyan. i hope it will help you understand.

  25. Anthony Glovo i dont disagree with that sir may mga partners silang operators ng lehitmo, pero ito pong nahuli ay colorum at kung bkt sya nahuli ay dahil mismo sa kadahilanang hnd sya lehitimong pampasaherong sasakayan, kung kayat hnd sya nagbabayad ng buwis dhil hnd nya dinedeclare ang trabahong ito sa gobyerno. Ang hinuhusgahan po ntin ay ang indibidwal na driver na ito, hnd po ung mga legitimate public transpo drivers ng uber

  26. Ulitin po natin, hinuli nila ang driver, hnd po ang uber..dhil ang driver ang may ilegal na aktibidad..ngunit kung sususugin po ntin ito, nanggaling po sa uber ang otoridad ng mga driver n ito na mamasada pero ang bsness po ng uber ay mag konek ng drivers sa pasahero, at ang problema po ay naguugat dito dhil hanggang dun na lamang po ang responsibilidad ng uber,.wla po silng kapangyarihang sabihin na ikaw isang pribadong driver ay may otoridad na mamasada. At kung magkaaberya po, hnd po sila sagutin ng uber dhil hnd sila empleyado nito at ito po ang problema

  27. Kristina Mendoza maam kung ang sinasabi nyo po ay dahil may sampung naunang mag uturn at ako ung natsempuhan na nahuli e masasabi kong hnd na mali ang gnwa k, e hnd po ak sumasangayon sa reasoning na ito. Pra nyo pong sinabi na may sampung pumatay ng tao, at ako lng po ung caught in the act, e magdadahilan po ak na wla akng gnwang mali dhil may nauna ng pumatay ng ibang tao. Wag po ntin isipin na ito ay isolated event dhil ito ay lumabas sa media, pinepresume ntin na ito lamang ang gnwang aksyon ng ltfrb which in fact e me mga gngwa pa silang aksyon, kaya nga po nila gusto makipagugnayan sa uber pra nakausap sila n hnd po pupwede na pumasada ang mga private vehicles. Nuong mga panahon na hnd pa uso ang uber at may nahuling mga colorum ang ltfrb, kayo po ba ay nagreklamo ng hulihin sila nito? Ito pog balita ay sumikat dhil sa koneksyon ng uber na sikat sa buong mundo pero basically, may hinuli ang ltfrb na colorum at umaalma ang tao dito sa paghuling ito

  28. Aaron Narido for the record i didn't say it's a bad thing. do not shoot your own foot by saying na nagkataon lang na sya ang nahuli. if LTFRB means business, they will not only apprehend one, but many drivers registered in uber. again. use the app so you know what we're saying and not miss the point that one apprehended SUV equates to a valid sting operation. for crying out loud, if LTFRB wants to really change how the public sees them, do a sting operation for every single vehicle they think is colorum. this is just one vehicle, that's why people are reacting how unfair it is. ikaw kung may ari ka ng kotse, nahuli ka sa violation sa no u-turn pero nakita mo na 10 din ang nag u-turn pero di hinuli, di ka aalma?you're now saying na swerte swertehan lang pala ang pag huli. now it seems you're saying din na di organize ang LTFRB. ang pag huli ng mga ganitong klaseng colorum ay hindi dapat swertehan, it takes heavy man power and agency intelligence to know who to catch. nasa daanan nga ang mga walang franchise na buses but they let them be. so tell me again Aaron Narido, is a single vehicle sting operation justifiable?

  29. Daynes S. Limson thats beside the point maam, kung kaya man nilang bayaran ang danyos e malayo problema, ang colorum ay colorum, ang ilegal ay ilegal. Sa batas po, hnd mo po masasabing ang pribadong sasakyan n ito ay pwede n itong mamasada dhil kaya nilang bayaran ang aksidente mo. Ito po ay mababang uri ng logic. Trinatry lng po ng ltfrb na sumunod s batas at gngwa nila ang knilang makakaya pra mapigilan itong mga drivers na hnd nmn dpt mamasada. Sana naman po ay maintindihan nyo na ito ung pinupunto ng ltfrb. Yan ping rent-a-car bsness ay ibang usapan. Marahil ito ay ilegal din, pero sa storya ng artikulong ito, may nakita silang private vehicle n nagdidisguise bilng pampasahero, at hinuli nila ito, at sinasabi nyong masama ang paghuling ito? Sinasabi nyong gumwa ng paraan ang ltfrb n hulihin din ang ibang colorum, e hnd nmn po ito mngyyre kun hnd magccmula s isang pagkakaton, at s puntong ito, ito po unang pagkakataon na iyon. Wag nmn po ntin sabihin na ang paghuli sa colorum ay bawal, dahil ito po pnka basic na ngyre dito

  30. Actually yun po mismo ang punto ng ltfrb…na yung driver n un ay private vehicle ang gamit at nagkataon na sya pa lamang ang nahuhuli.. Nararamdaman ko po na naintindihan nyo na kahit anu pong kompromiso ang sabihin natin, e alam natin na hnd sila dpt namamasada at yun po ang punto ng ltfrb. Ngayun po, sa kasong bkt ito pa lamang ang nahuhuli, gumawa po aksyon, and you seem to say that that is a bad thing. Kaya nga po sila nakikipagugnayan sa uber, dhil dito po naguugat ang mga driver n namamasada ng pribado… Ngayun po s iba pang pampribadong sasakyan na colorum, alam po natin na mahirap silang hulihin dahil umaandar po sila sa kalye disguised as private at paano m nga naman malalaman kung ito ay namamasada. Nagkataon lng po na mas madali nilang nahuli ang driver dahil ito ay gumamit ng uber pero tulad din po sya ng ibang drivers na colorum… Kung tatanungin nyo po ang ibang uber partners na nagdadrive ng lehitimong sasakyan kung sang ayon b sila sa mga uber drivers n hnd lehitimo, e malamang po ay hnd rin sila aayon dhil kahit pareho po silang miyembro ng uber, ang isa ay may permit mamasada at ang isa ay hnd..ang isa ay nagbabayad ng buwis at mga permit na kasama dito at ang isa ay hnd

  31. Really?! LTFRB…CONCERNED ABOUT THE SAFETY OF PASSENGERS?!…..hahahahahahhahah…gully am getting a stomach ache! F'n bustards are concerned about the safety of their profiteering! You see how dangerous all those jeepneys are, NO WINDOWS, rear discharging doors endangering the riding public, stopping in the middle of the road, overloaded 'multi-cab' jeepneys with under capacity brakes and materials…NEVER MIND…

  32. Aaron Narido I agree with Kristina Mendoza — Kung may car ka na Hummer or CHEVROLET na for rent sa UBER, mas mababayaran nila Hospitalization mo compared to the PUVs and other franchise owner. Dapat mag sting operations din sila sa ibang Companies if talagang Colorum ang UBER. So lahat ba ng nag-aadvertise sa SULIT na rent-a-car. Dapat pati yun may penalty. Kasi hindi PAMPASAHERONG SASAKYAN. Db?

  33. this is my last reply because it seems you're missing the whole point of the news and story. taking into consideration what you said na illegal ang ginagawa ng driver dahil private car sya at nag ra-rideshare sya. matanong kita, baket iisa lang ang tao that they apprehended when there's a whole list of people who signed up as partners? pwede naman lahat ng naka online di ba so they can stop every private vehicle doing this di ba? the whole point is that LTFRB said they are "concerned" about the safety of the passengers. You yourself said that it's because possibly coz of insurance and all. so kung ganun ang rason nila, why not clean out everyone? first the other vehicles posing as PUVs but no franchise at all, why not stop all the PUVs like jeeps na walang maibibigay na insurance pag na aksidente ang mga pasahero nila. Get back to me if you find out if the colorum vehicles that LTFRB did try to clean out before got impounded or owners paid 200k for penalty. Because I'm betting, that they did not pay that penalty and vehicles never got impounded. If ever they got impounded, they got it out the next day by paying under the table. And please explain the difference between private cars who post online advertising that their vans or vehicles are for rent and with drivers vs. Uber services? Ask your self din minsan, if an UBER driver who's car is a Hummer or SUV got into an accident with you in it, versus a PUV na franchised owned, sino kaya mas mabilis magbayad ng hospitalization mo?

  34. Kung hndi po ntin naiintindihan na sila, ayon s batas, ay private vehicles at hnd pampasahero, e hnd po tlg tyo magkakaintindihan. Pumapayag nmn po ang ltfrb sa mga partners ng uber kung sila ay lehitimong driver ng pampasaherong sasakyan. Un lamang po ang gustu kong iparating, naiintindihan ko po na mgnda ang kanilang serbisyo. Pero kung ikaw ay maaaksidente gmit ang pribadong sasakyan, hnd po sasagutin iton ng uber dhil hnd po nila empleyado ang driver bagkus e ang tinatawag nilang partners, kung mkikita nyo po s mga balita s ibng bansa e me pagkakataon na po merong naaksidente at ito po mismo ang ang idinadahilan ng uber kung bakit hnd nila sagutin ang aksidente.

  35. Aaron Narido Hayyy, as mentioned. READ their BUSINESS MODEL FIRST. Medyo hindi mo kasi alam ung sinasabi mo dear. Using "MARAHIL" in a conversation like this, it only means you don't have any idea what really UBER is. Their BUSINESS MODEL is the very thing that makes them unique. So Read it first, and try their service first, then baka masabi mo, na mali ung ginagawa ng LTFRB.

  36. Naiintindihan ko po maayos ang serbisyo nila at masaya po ako doon.pero ang punto po ng ltfrb e private vehicle po ito, at kung my mngyyreng aksidente s kalye hnd po ito sasakupn ng insurance nila kung malalman ng insurance company na gnamit ang saskyn commercially. Isa pa ho, dhil sila ay private vehicles, hnd po sila nagbabayad ng tamang buwis sa gobyerno bilang pampasaherong sasakyan dhil alam nmn po ntin na ang mga gnitong trabaho ay kailangan sabihin m s gobyerno dhil sila ay kumikita

  37. Daynes S. Limson ang uber po ay isang networking service na nagkokonek ng mga driver sa mga pasahero, hnd po sila isang transporting company. Wla po silang employed na driver at dito po nagmumula ang mga legal issues. Yung mga binibgyan nila ng partnership na mging user ng uber n hnd po maaring mgdrive s kalsada ng mga pasahero dhil hnd po sila lisensyado dito at iyon po ang kinokendena ng ltfrb… Marahil po sila ay me partnership s mga lehitimong drivers ng pampasaherong sasakyn at iyon po ang mpapaygn ng ltfrb. Ngayon po kung hnd po tayo mgkakaintindihan dito e tlga pong wla tyong mapupuntahan

  38. Aaron Narido Colorum is a different case my dear. Paki basa muna ung BUSINESS MODEL ng UBER before making such comments about PAMPASAHERONG SASAKYAN. Read it First.

  39. Aaron Narido How is the Driver illegal? eh registered nga cya sa UBER. You cannot accept passengers if you don't have an application on your Smartphone and if you don't have a credit card, because all payments per trip, will go straight directly to your bank account. So again, USE UBER FIRST.

  40. Aaron Narido And Bottomline, this discussion will not go anywhere because hindi ka pa nakakagamit ng UBER. So don't comment on something you don't even know. Gumamit ka muna ng UBER. Then get back to us.

  41. Aaron Narido How is it illegal? UBER has a permit to do business here, so why did they do a sting operation to the Driver and NOT UBER? – pabor lang ang LTFRB sa mga PRANKISA ng TAXI dahil may LAGAY yang mga yan. Kung ikaw LEGIT ang negosyo mo, at may mga drivers ka, papayag ka ba na gawan ng sting operation ang driver mo, kung alam mo naman na LEGAL ang negosyo mo? Logic please.

  42. mas delikado pa nga sumakay sa taxi, kadalasan para ka nasa sauna sa init pag mag reklamo ka sasabihan ka e di baba ka na lng…. bukod pa sa mabaho at minsan may ipis pa….. pag minalas ka pa holdap pa abutin mo…..

  43. Naiitindihan k na sinusuportahan ng tao ang uber, pero me sinusunod tyong batas sa kalsada…kung magmamatigas ng ulo ang uber at patuloy na magbbgay ng otoridad pra mgdrive ung mga wlng lisensya magdrive ng pampasaherong sasakyan, e hnd tlg tama yon. Uulitin ko po, cnb ng chairman ng ltfrb na sinusuportahan nila ang uber, pero ang hinuli nila ay ung taong me ilegal n gawain…kung magpapatuloy ito, e dhil binibgyan nga ng false authority ng uber itong kga driver n to n mgdrive as public utility vehicles, e ang uber ay wlng kapangyarihan pra gwin ito. Ang kaya lng nilang gwin ay iconnect ang pribadong tao sa isa png tao, at nasasaklaw dito e ung business n gngwa ng dlwng taong ito ay ilegal dhil wlng permit ung isang tao. Ang gstu lng nmn g ltfrb e mag work within the law itong dlwng taong ito, at malaking bagay kung mkikipagtulungan ang uber

  44. We are going away from the point, the ltfrb's case was that namamasada ng illegal yun driver at kailangan nilang hulihin..ngayon, kung ung dumating na "uber driver" ay may lisensya pra magdrive ng pampasaherong sasakyan, at yung sasakyan nya ay registered na pampasahero, edi wlang problema.. Ang kaso hnd gnun ang ngyre. I get that you support uber. I do too dhil pwede cla mkpgpartner s mga lehitimong taxi operators at magbigay ng classes of cabs para maaring makapamili ang mga pasahero kun anung taxi ang gstu nilang sakyan..pero kung yng mga driver sa system nila ay hnd regstered na driver ng pampasaherongg sasakyan, ito ay ilegal. Yun po ang pinagbabawal ng ltfrb. Ung ilegal. Alam ntin na may legal na mga drivers ang uber, pero ung mga ilegal un pinagbabawal. Ngayon kung saan napupunta ung tax n bnabayad e thats a different conversation…hnd po natin alam kung saan napupunta ung 200k pero kung ito po ay nkasulat s batas, e wla tyong mgagawa, lumabag sya s batas, kelangan nya itong pagbayaran. Kung yung penalty ay maxadong mataas e thats another story…

  45. um,that’s the thing about this whole thing. Uber got approved to do the business where people can apply as a partner driver. syempre since approved sya to be used, people will sign up to be partners and do ride share. so it means madami ang nag sign up. which means hindi lang si mamang SUV ang dapat ipenalize ng 200k. so in short no need for sting operation since alam naman pala na may ganun why not simplify it. go to uber file the complain, if LTFRB thinks they have a strong case I’m sure the court will grant them if they request names of those who signed up, track them and penalize them. i agree franchisers do pay alot and do pay taxes. now since you mentioned that, where do our taxes go? can you guarantee that the 200k is really a penalty? again, if LTFRB really wants to put a stop to there is just not 1 private citizen who signed up, there are a lot. so which means marami ang illegal pala na nag rarideshare without them knowing na illegal dahil pinayagan nila ang Uber mag operate at mag sign up ng mga tao.

  46. At yung sinasabi nyo pong hefty penalty not being fair to the legitimate franchise owners, exactly my point, un driver po ay hnd sakop ng anumang frnchise, sya po ay namamasada ng walang permit para mamasada at wlng binabayrang buwis. Ang mga franchise po na ito ay dumaan s gobyerno at nagbayad pra s permit at buwis, which is why ngrereklamo po sila dhil hnd po ito gngwa ng mga pribadong driver

  47. am a big fan of UBER… UBER is the best thing that happened to the local public transport scene… UBER has a different market niche vs. the cabs and offers an excellent transport option for those who are willing to pay a premium… this is nothing but a shakedown by the LTFRB… as usual, once a new and novel business succeeds, govt steps in… i dont have a problem with govt intervention as long as it doesn't stifle growth and innovation… sadly this is not the case… Gines—panisssss!!!!

  48. September Cruz wala pong problema tyo pong lahat ay nagbibigy ng opinyon s bawat isa pang opinyon..pero yung sinasabi nyo pong JOB na ito, e technically e ito po ay illegal dhil hnd po sya rehistradong driver ng pampasaherong sasakyan…sa complaint nmn po, ang operators po ay nacomplain sa ltfrb na may colorum na sasakyan, at ang ginawa ng ltfrb ay hinuli ito, wla po akong nkktang mali dito…ngayon, sa usapan ng penalty, kung ito po ay nasa batas, wala po tyong mgagwa dyan..kung gnun man po ang patong na penalty ay marahil pra po magdalawang isip ang mga drivers kun mamamasada pa sila ng illegal dhil ang pinaguusapan po natn dito ay buhay ng mga pasahero

  49. I feel way safer riding with Uber. Drivers are well mannered, cars are kept neat and you never get overcharged. I feel safe enough that I don't have the need to bring a car every time I have to step out. Total opposite of the the seedy public transportation that the government has been forcing us to take. It's like feeding the public to the rapists, robbers and kidnappers.

  50. Aaron Narido sorry, I know this is meant for Kristina, but the whole sting thingamajig is totally unfair for the driver. He was only doing his job, so again, going back, if LTFRB really wants to lodge a formal complaint, they could have served legal papers, along with the official statement coming from the cab operators society, since according to the news, it was the cab operators who spoke up. But that didn't happen. Getting the car impounded PLUS a hefty penalty to boot is totally absurd. It's overkill. It's not being fair to the "legitimate" franchise owners — it's another horrific red tape tale.

  51. September Cruz again hnd ko po kinoCondemn ang serbisyo nito, bagkus e ang paraan ng pag bibigay ng kapangyarihan para maging isang driver..sila po ay hnd lisensyadong mamasahe. Yong tungkol nmn po sa franchise e wla nmn pong problema kun wla sila noon basta kaya nilang suportahan ang pasahero kung may mngyreng aksidente, dhil kung may mngyyre pong aksidente ay hnds sasagutin ng insurance ang danyos kung ang kotse ay ginamit bilang pampasaherog sasakyan ngunit nakarehistro bilang ganiton paraan ay nkakatakas ang mga ito sa ma responsibilidad tulad g pagbabayad ng buwis dahil in fact ito po ay isang pinagkukuhanan ngpagkakakitaan at ayon s batas ay kailangan itong patawan ng buwis

  52. Kristina Mendoza ung sting operation po ay gnwa nila laban s isang tao, hnd po sa uber…and in fact e illegal po yung ginwa nung tao na yon dhil, kahit na po meron syng drivers license, e hnd nmn po sya lisensyadong mamasahe bilang pampublikong sasakyan. Ang uber ay may mgandang layunin, sang ayon po ako dyan. Mgnda po it lalo na kung magiging partners sila ng mga local taxi operators

  53. Aaron Narido Drivers at Uber go through a rigid screening process before they become certified, so I definitely disagree with what you said about them not having a license (if you're talking about not having a driver's license). And exactly, since they promote car sharing services they shouldn't be required to have a franchise. Earlier I suggested that you try their service so that you'll get a feel of what they offer, because there is a huge difference in terms of their services and the regular cab services. And I agree with Kristina Mendoza, if safety was the main concern of LTFRB, a formal complaint with all the necessary paperwork should have been filed at their office, not through an entrapment/sting operation.

  54. um, i guess that’s your point of view about sting operations. sting operations are done for illegal activities. one, uber is a legal business. two if LTFRB thinks that as a private person signing up to be a partner driver is legal, they should have banned Uber from the very beginning. The moment they approved Uber to operate as a business here it basically became a neon sign to sign up because it’s ok and an approved business. Why do it now when Uber has been operating out in the open for more than a year? Again sting operation with THAT hefty penalty is a joke.

  55. Kristina Mendoza tama po kayo maganda ito dhil mgcocompete sila sa para s pasahero which in turn would benefit the public and themselves.. pero ang hinaing po nila ay sana lumaban sila ng patas at sumunod sa batas. Kung legal nmn po yung mga kotse at drivers para mamasahe e wla nmng mairereklamo ang mga local operators at ang mgnda pa nyan mapipilitan silang iimpruv ang services nila lalo nat payag ang publiko kahit mataas ang presyo basta maganda ang serbisyo, pareho silang masaya ng mga drivers

  56. by the way if cab franchisers really think Uber is a competition, they should think of innovative ways too to get more passengers. or try to partner with Uber and not just complain. if they do not compete or be innovative then chances are public distrust of cab drivers will continue. LTFRB should help innovate too, but unfortunately they can’t even help solve bus population.

  57. Wla nmn po akong nakikitang mali sa gnwang sting operation dahil sa totoo po nyan e mgnda po itong paraan pra mahuli ang mga gumagawa ng hnd tama, pero tama po kayo na mgnda sanang makipagugnayan ang ltfrb at ang uber sa isat isa

  58. point taken about the safety issue. but i think we are deviating din sa main topic. if their goal is to protect cab franchises, why do a sting operation if safety ang issue nila?they can always go to the office of Uber sa Fort to file a complain. Yes Uber has been having issues in other countries regarding the insurance issue, but they don’t do a so called sting operation, they do it directly with Uber. I think people supports Uber here because of the fact that cabs are becoming more unreliable by the day. Bottomline, no need to do a sting operation, just file it if you really want what’s the best for commuters.

  59. Maam cruz hnd ko po kinoCondemn un service, thats beside the point…ang pinupunto po ng ltfrb e hnd po lisensyado ang Mga driver na ito at ang kanilang sasakyan, at kung Me mangyyreng aksidente e hnd po ito ssgutiin ng insurance at ng Uber dhil hnd po sila isang car service company kundi isang social networking services… Kung tutuusin po ay magandang idea ang idea ng uber pero maganda sna e accountable cla kun me mngyreng masama.. Gustu lamang ng ltfrb na magadjust sila pareho ng uber

  60. Ang pgkakaintindi ko po kase e ang gustung sbihin ng ltfrb e hnd po insured un systema nila dhil private vehicles po ito at pg me ngyreng aksidente e baka me ibang interpretasyon ang insurance company dito…at saka hnd rin lisensyado un private vehicle para mging taxi

  61. Kristina Mendoza great input. Let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope that LTFRB will look into this closely and that the PROs will overturn the CONs.

  62. to help you out,
    so yeah, taxis can become partner drivers too. oh they do cashless payment, and drivers are polite. if they try to do anything bad you have all the information you need.including their pic. 🙂 oh uber also has services in more than 220 countries. though it’s banned in Germany, but then again 1st world country sila where their public transpo are more reliable. 🙂

  63. Should the National Taxi Associations and LTFRB be also made liable for every dilapidated taxi and crime related event done in a taxi? I say victims should sue the LTFRB chairman and Taxi Associations as co-accused in every infraction of crime done on a taxicab. I say if they want to guarantee safety to the exclusion of other choices, then let them be liable for every occurence when that safety doesn't happen.

  64. STUPID #LTFRB – The fact that UBER has a permit to do business here, you can't just do a sting operation to their Drivers, why didn't you go to their office at the FORT? And did you read their safety clause? I bet NO. – If your concern is SAFETY then why there's a lot of A**hole cab drivers here in the Philippines? Plus, UBER operates CASHLESS, you can't use UBER if you don't have a credit card. Their Drivers are very polite, there's a screening process in which they need to submit credentials before being a Certified Driver of UBER. – Know your facts before putting down a Company who is known Globally.

  65. bkit hindi intindihin ng LTFRB ang mga bulok na taxi sa lansangan at bulok na driver nito..di kasalanan ng mga filipino tangkilikin ang pribadong ahensya ng UBER dahil magaganda ang kanilang mga sasakyan… UBER lahat documented sa TAXI planado kung paano ka hoholdapin….

  66. LTFRB is filled with money-hungry bitches. Wala kasi silang share. Being fair with legitimate franchises my buttocks. They're the one to talk. Tngna, overblown ang population ng mga buses sa Metro Manila tapos theyre fucking talking about fair? Mga inutil.

  67. Hnd ko gets bkt dmeng ngrereklamo dito, sa pagkakaintindi ko, colorum nga un ginamit n kotse nun driver e, wlang prangkisa..tama lng nmn gnwa ng ltfrb..sinusuportahan nga nila un uber e, ang kaso lng sna masigurado na ung ggmiting cab e me prangkisa

  68. Before you say safety of the passengers is your concerned better clean and clear your present franchise holders. UBER is know globally. we have tried and tested them in NYC and not only is it fast in picking up passengers and very safe too because all their members have good maintained units not like our taxi's here in our country.

  69. LTFRB, if you are concerned about the safety of passengers, then find ways to stop crimes by taxi drivers. You are just doing this because your are getting bribed by taxi operators